Vikram Betaal 1st April 2019 Written Episode Update: Naintara teams up with Pingla to finish Vikram

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Vikram Betaal 1st April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pingla refuses to the magician woman’s demand and tells that her son is not an animal whom anyone can make wear garland. Magician woman tells that she is not her Servant. Pingla says I will not give you small punishment for your crime. While she is leaving, she meets Naintara who calls her Raj Mata. Pingla asks who are you? Naintara says I am the daughter of the magician. Pingla says if she came here to take revenge. Naintara tells that she have the same motive as hers and shows the poison which will be useful to Vikram’s death. Pingla asks her to give it to her. Naintara says only I can use it and can kill Vikram. Bhadrakaal comes to magician and says you are a magician, can do anything. He kills her with his powers and says I am everyone’s Kaal…I am bhadrakaal.

Naintara reaches the Palace while flying in air. She comes to terrace of the Palace and looks at the crow. Pingla calls her name. Betaal gets mesmerized seeing the mirror and thinks it shows his body, but don’t show his beautiful heart. Vikram comes and asks him to stay in the room until he gets mukti. Betaal says if I don’t go out then how I will be alive. Vikram says you don’t need breath to survive and says my praja gets scared of you. He says you have to stay here. Bhadrakaal calls Naintara. Naintara says I came to do your work and kill Vikram. Bhadrakaal says you can’t kill Vikram, and asks her to get Betaal out of the Palace. Naintara says she will do something so that Vikram is forced to throw Betaal out.

Bhadrakaal says he will destroy them. Betaal says if you say then I will be here, and says he will sleep. Vikram shows the bed and asks him to sleep. He shouts lying on bed. Vikram asks what did you do? Senapati Virat sen ji comes there and says some enemy is here. Vikram says I am alone here and says I am safe fully, and asks him to go and rest. Pingla calls Naintara. Naintara becomes beautiful again from being evil. Pingla asks why did you come here? Naintara says she wants to see Ujjaini from Palace. Pingla asks her not to forget that she has to get her son become King. Naintara says and I have to make you Raj Mata. Betaal asks Vikram to get a tree for him so that he can hang. Vikam says then why did you come here, if you want a tree. Betaal teases him and asks him to go. He says you don’t know how to be happy and asks him to practice laughing with him. Vikram says who has dangerous Betaal with him, can’t be happy. Betaal laughs and feels smell of Pret. He thinks someone else prêt is here and thinks how can this be possible.

Padmini serves food to Vikram and says it is all your favorite. Vikram says you take care of me very well. Padmini finds the laddoo missing. Naintara tells Pingla that the liquid in her hand make her reach her destination. Pingla says you didn’t tell what is your enmity with Vikram. Naintara asks her to concentrate on the profit which she will have because of her. Betaal eats laddoo and thinks it was laddoo smell, I thought it is Pret smell. Vikram thinks Betaal will not change and tells that Betaal taught him how to make the things vanish. Padmini says I will agree if you bring those laddoos back. Vikram says I couldn’t learn that teaching. She asks who was there? Vikram says laddoo and then asks her to leave it. Betaal takes the halwa and eats it. Padmini says halwa is missing. Vikram says he checked again. Padmini asks him to check his learning later. She goes. Vikram scolds Betaal and asks him to come to his room. Betaal says you are not letting me have food and acts to cry and then laugh. Vikram says do whatever you want, in your room. Naintara and Pingla are in Padmini’s room. Naintara says this is my enemy’s biggest strength and tells that she will destroy her first. Padmini calls Pingla. Pingla says I came searching you. Padmini asks what is the matter? Pingla says she is my daughter Naintara…and then says my friend Mandvi’s daughter whom you don’t know. She asks Naintara to greet Maharani. Naintara greets her.

No Precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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