Vikram Betaal 19th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dev Indra cheats Ahilya badly

Vikram Betaal 19th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devi Ahilya seeing giant snake swallowing Rishi Gautam and thinks to go to other way to catch the snake. Rishi Gautam is alive inside the snake body and tries to get out of it, but his powers don’t work on the snake. Devi Ahilya comes infront of the snake and says you can’t harm my husband until I am here. Snake spits fire from its mouth. Rishi Gautam hears her voice and tries to get out from there. She stabs the snake with the trishul. Snake makes Rishi Gautam out. Ahilya gets relieved and tells him that she will catch the snake as she doesn’t want it to harm any other human. She goes behind the snake. Snake goes inside the jungle and becomes Dev Raj indra. He keeps hand on his injury and becomes fine. He says you both husband and wife protect each other and says I

have to get defeated again. Ahilya comes there and says I don’t know what is your problem. He says I want to get you since I saw you, but why you get angry on me. He asks her to leave her husband and come with him to Swarg. Ahilya says if you try to come infront of me then I will destroy you with my pati vrata dharm. Dev Indra tells that he will destroy her pati vrata dharm.

Betaal says you might be thinking what the story is, and says you have to answer to my question so hear it carefully. He says so many years passed after their marriage. Rishi Gautam is teaching his Shishya. Ahilya gets vomiting. Sevika tells Rishi Gautam that he is going to be father. Maharani comes and gives shagun to Ahilya. She says a lady becomes complete after becoming a mother, and says I am happy that Maa Durga blessed you. Dev Raj indra comes there and says I want to apologize to you all for my mistake, but couldn’t understand how to come infront of you. He says today that moment came and apologizes to them. He puts something in Ahilya’s lap and leaves. Dev raj indra goes out and makes a hen appear. He makes it make a sound. Rishi Gautam wakes up hearing the hen sound and goes out to take bath.

Ahilya gets up and thinks to make arrangements of his puja stuff. Dev Indra comes to her as Rishi Gautam and holds her hand. He says today is the good night. Ahilya asks him to go for a bath as this is morning. He says this is still night. Ahilya says that hen was shouting. Dev Indra says you have done love marriage with me, but I was always busy in bhakti and couldn’t concentrate on you. He says you can’t forget about this night. He makes the flowers blossom and lights up the place. Ahilya smiles thinking him to be Rishi Gautam. She sits on the swing. He makes her swing. Rishi Gautam comes to the river to take bath. River Goddess stops him and asks why did you come in the night and says it is not morning yet. He apologizes to her and asks her to rest. He thinks if someone cheated me and returns to Ashram. Dev Raj Indra makes Ahilya were floral ornaments and admires her beauty. Ahilya hugs him. He gets closer to her. Rishi Gautam comes back and sees Ahilya under the flowers. He calls her. Ahilya gets shocked and asks who is here. Dev Raj indra says I am here and laughs. Rishi Gautam gets shocked too. Betaal tells Vikram that Ahilya was shocked as Dev Indra broke her swabhimaan and respect.

Rishi Gautam abandons Ahilya for not figuring out between her husband and the imposter Dev Indra. He curses her to be stone. People throws stone on her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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