Vikram Betaal 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Pingla returns the kingdom to Vikram with hidden motive

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Vikram Betaal 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Acharya ji telling that whatever Vikram took a decision for the Rajya’s betterment. Senapati says Bharmal doesn’t understand if Vikram is samrat then it will benefit him also. Bharmal comes there and says I came to remind you to tomorrow is my Rajya Tilak. He asks soldiers to cheer for him when he becomes Samrat and asks them to say it. They call him Samrat Bharmal and says Jai. He says if someone says Jai Jai Vikram then they will be dead and says Vikram is past and I am present. Vikram tells Acharya ji that a king’s son can become a king and that’s why Bharmal shall become King. Kavidas says he is not competent. Vikram says I can’t change my decision. Pingla comes to Bharmal. Bharmal says he was hearing his Jai Jai kaar and asks her to hear Jai Raajmata. She says

it is not needed. He asks do you want Pita ji to come here. Pingla asks him not to be happy much. He says I will do my Raj Tilak by myself. Pingla stops him. Senapati says I will end Pingla and her son just waiting for your orders. Pingla says I don’t want you to wear the crown which you have to take it off. Bharmal asks what do you want to say? Pingla says what I can see, you can’t see and says one day the Rajya mukut and singhasan will come. She asks him to go. Vikram asks Senapati to protect the ujjaini raja whoever he is. He says I have taken my decision and will not change. He asks them to make arrangements of Bharmal’s Raj Tilak. He says Bharmal will be new Samrat of Ujjaini.

Vikram and Padmini are leaving. Pingla stops him and says how can he go making them guilty and making himself as justice loving. She asks him to kill her so that nobody does conspiracy again. Vikram says I did a mistake by snatching penance for my mistake and says you did this for your son. Pingla says my son don’t want the Rajya. Vikram says bharmal will learn everything. Pingla asks him to leave for ujjaini atleast. Vikram says Ujjaini needs a Raja and Bharmal is there for them. Pingla says we are not that competent and asks Vikram not to go anywhere. Bharmal is shocked.

Pingla asks Bharmal to apologize to Vikram. Bharmal apologizes. Pingla asks him to handle the Rajya again and apologizes. She says if you agree then it will be forgiveness for me. Vikram takes the sword from her. Padmini says Didi. Pingla says I will become your Dasi forever and asks her not to leave. Padmini asks her not to apologize to her. Bharmal wonders what is happening. Pingla asks her to come and says I won’t let you go anywhere. She asks her to come with her. Vikram nods his head and lets Padmini go. Vikram agrees not to go. He thinks he has to go and bring betaal. Betaal thinks you have to go long way to take me from here and laughs. Vikram comes to the crematorium ground. Fire takes him inside. Betaal says new katha is waiting for you. Bharmal tells Pingla that he will kill her and asks what kind of mum you are. Pingla hits him and holds his neck. Bharmal asks him to kill her. Pingla says she gave him birth so that you become the King. Bharmal says Pita ji and you have given my rights to Vikram.

Pingla says you shall get ujjaini with the rights and not by charity from Vikram. Vikram reaches Pret ghaati and asks Betaal to come. He hears baby crying and thinks how can baby sound come in Pret ghaati, if this is real or betaal’s Maya. He finds a baby lying there and lifts him up. He thinks seems like baby is hungry and keeps the baby on ground. He punctures the tree and makes the water falls on the baby’s mouth. Baby becomes betaal. Vikram is surprised and lifts him. Betaal tells him about the story of Anusiya. He says I became a baby so that you can understand this story. He says Anusiya made her husband parmeshwar and tells about Sati Anusiya. He says there will be no Pativrata like her and says to test her brahma Vishnu Mahesh reacher her Ashram. Anusiya asks them to sit and have food. Brahma says we have our own rules to have food. Anusiya says I will make you food according to your preference. Brahma says we have food only when you feed us without wearing clothes. Devi Anusiya is shocked. Betaal asks Vikram to tell how Anusiya will feed the Devs.

Sati Anusiya made her husband Parmeshwar. Goddess thinks they shall test her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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