Vikram Betaal 19th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Bhadrakaal sends Kalika to Ujjaini

Vikram Betaal 19th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Senapati saying who is responsible for this disease which had spread here. Betaal says Bhadrakaal was responsible for it. Vikram says you saw Bhadrakaal’s soul in the hell. Vikram says it was an illusion and tells that he came to know who the main character here, and tells that the 32 putlis made Bhadrakaal alive. Vikram recalls Maha maya and tells Betaal. Betaal says two bad powers are together now. Vikram says Bhadrakaal will send putlis one by one, and says we will not know from where they are coming. Bhadrakaal thinks of Betaal’s words and thinks time has come to end this victory and loss game.

He calls Kalika..and asks her to wake up. He asks until when you will sleep hiding behind the dead bodies, and says time has come to wake up. Vikram says nobody can wake up those putlis. Betaal says it is not easy to kill them. Acharya ji says we have to do their betterment and not kill them. Vikram says shall we wait for the putlis to harm our people. Bhadrakaal asks Kalike to come out and closes his eyes and reads some mantra. He gets a magical ball in his hand and throws on the dead bodies. Kalika comes out of the dead people and shouts, and asks who made me awake, and whose death came? Bhadrakaal says Vikram and Betaal’s death came and I came here on Maha Maya’s sayings to save you. he says you are a cursed putli. Kalika asks who are you? Bhadrakaal says I am kaal…Mahakaal, bhadrakaal. He asks her to come with him. Maha Maya appears and asks Kalike to help Bhadrakaal and do whatever he says. Kalike nods her head. Bhadrakaal asks her to come.

Betaal tells that we have to find the answers first and have to find out where are those putlis? Senapati says we have to save Ujjaini from the putlis. Vikram says we have to increase the security and no strange man can enter inside. He says till then I will find the putlis and get their mukti. Betaal says I will go to sleep now. Vikram says will you sleep? Betaal says he is tired and sleeps. Kalidas asks not to worry.

Kalika is coming to ujjaini and says Vikram and betaal have to die at my hands. Padmini recalls Kapalika attacking her and gets tensed. Vikram comes and asks why she is tensed? Padmini asks who was that Mayavi woman and asks what is he hiding from her. Vikram asks her not to fear anything until he is there, and says we are Raja and Rani, and if we get fearful then people will lose their strength. Padmini says how can I not worry and asks him to tell everything. Vikram tells her everything about 32 putlis. A fb is shown. Padmini hears him carefully and says so much happened and you didn’t tell me. She hugs him. Betaal appears there. Padmini sees Betaal and tells Vikram. Vikram looks at Betaal and says how can Maharani see Betaal. She asks him to make him go. Vikram says he is a good pret, my friend Betaal. Padmini says yes, and asks if that woman pret was your female friend. Vikram says no and asks Betaal to tell. Betaal calls her bahu and says I am your jet..He says I thought to appear infront of her. Vikram says Betaal is staying in the Palace. He says Betaal saved you risking his soul. Padmini thanks Betaal. Betaal says since the day when I had sweets made by you, I owe to save you. Vikram says betaal had eaten all sweet dishes that day. Betaal says whenever you ask me, I will eat all sweets. Padmini says I was thinking that it was vanishing. She laughs. Betaal also laughs. Vikram and Padmini hug each other and laugh. Vikram says if the environment is good inside then we can face the enemies outside, and the fights together. Padmini says surely.

Kalika is coming to Palace and tries to get inside Ujjaini, but is pushed back and falls down due to the suraksha chakra. Acharya ji tells Vikram that he has drawn suraksha chakra inside and it is impossible for the putlis to enter this Nagar. Betaal asks Vikram to sing a song. Vikram says no. betaal tries to emotionally blackmail him. Vikram says I can’t sing lori now, but you will wake up hearing my Rag bhairav tomorrow.

Precap: Maha maya asks Kalika to snatch Vikram’s kindness from him. Vikram meets Kalika who acts as a beautiful musician woman. He gets angry on Senapati.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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