Vikram Betaal 17th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram reminisces his first love Madan Sena

Vikram Betaal 17th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Padmini reading Kaviraj’s poem and says Vasant is going to come. She asks when it is coming. Acharya ji tells her. Padmini says she wants to celebrate it with love and happiness and says Maharaj will be very happy. Kaviraj says why Maharaj didn’t return till now. Padmini says even she is thinking the same and asks Acharya about the day. Acharya says today is Amavasya. Padmini gets teary eyes and sits down. They ask if she is fine. Padmini nods and this is the way when Maharaj….Vikram goes somewhere and sees the idol of a woman. He touches her foot and recalls her touching her. He recalls his name engraved on her chest. A princess is shown as he looks at the idol. He says Madansena…so many years have passed, but Amavasya makes me remind of this day. He says I still remember the day when I returned after completely my shiksha from Gurukul. A fb is shown, Vikram comes to Palace. Everyone welcome him as Yuvraj Vikram Aditya. Pingla does his aarti and says now my dewar ji have become Yuvraj. Her husband tells that he was waiting for this day and wanted to handover the responsibility to him and go. Pingla says Bharmal and Vikram will handle both. Vikram says surely. Virat Sen comes and tells that Koshambi have attacked us. Vikram’s brother asks him to make arrangements for war. Vikram says we have to maintain friendship with neighboring Rajyas and asks him to think that it will be test for him. His brother asks him to remember that Ujjaini people shall not be affected. Vikram goes to Koshambi and is stopped by the Senapati. Senapati asks who is he? Vikram says he is Ujjaini’s yuvraj. Senapati laughs and asks where is his sena?

Vikram asks if there is no yoddha here. Madan Sena comes indisguise of a soldier and fights with him. Vikram and Madan Sena fight with each other. They look at each other while her face is veiled. Vikram says you have hidden your face before defeat. She attacks him. Vikram says you are so powerful. He asks from where you have learnt this sword war. He pushes her sword. Her veil gets removed. Vikram gets mesmerized by her beauty. She picks the sword and keeps on his neck. Vikram says I am dying seeing you. Madan Sena says you have lost this shetra. Vikram says my heart too. Madan Sena asks Senapati to arrest him. Vikram asks what is her name.

Senapati says she is Rajkumari madan sena. Madan Sena tells her father about Vikram. Vikram says you don’t have to fight with me to arrest me. Her father reminds that he is in their captivity. Vikram says I will get punished by Rajkumari only. She asks Senapati to take him to karagaar. She goes there. Vikram welcomes her. Madan Sena says it seems nobody taught you to talk to a woman. Vikram says he is talking to a girl for a first time. She beats him with hunter. Vikram asks her to be careful and says today I have tasted the fruit of love. She gets tired. Vikram asks Sainik to bring water for her. Madan Sena says I won’t let you alive and calls Durjan Singh. Vikram says I named my life for you when I saw you. He asks her to look in his eyes when she kills him. She says she will fulfill his wish. Vikram tells poetry. She gets angry and goes. Vikram sits in the karagaar and says I have seen what I wanted. You have given me the memory of love, now it is my turn. Sevika comes and asks Madan Sena to have bath. Madan Sena gets angry and says she will take bath when she handles him. She tells that she will beat him. The Sevikas tell Madan Sena that Vikram has touched her heart. Madan Sena says I have chosen Shashtra and will prove.

Vikram comes to Madan Sena secretly and admires her as she is sleeping. He tells that when someone loves somebody truly then nature unites them. He does her shringaar and writes his name below her shoulder.

Madan Sena comes to Vikram. Vikram asks you got decorated as I wanted. Madan Sena tells that she will kill him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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