Vikram Betaal 15th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Vikram frees Somdev from curse

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Vikram Betaal 15th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the Danav Raj/Somdev telling Vikram that he is hungry since you came in this Rajya, and says now my hunger and you, both will end. He takes Vikram and swallows him. Something happens in his body and he turns red. Vikram is standing infront of him. Danav becomes Raja Somdev. Vikram says you are free from the curse now. Raja Somdev thanks Vikram. Betaal tells Somdev that he shall thank his wife as she told them the way to his mukti. Raja Somdev asks what are you saying and says my wife is dead long ago. Betaal says we met her in the Palace and she told us about this solution. Vikram tells Betaal that Somdev is right, his wife is dead. The woman whom we met is not his wife. Betaal says then who was that lady? The fake Maharani comes there and tells that she was in the palace and came to kill them. She becomes pret and tells that he failed her plan. She says I will kill you all. She laughs. Betaal asks who is she? Vikram says she is Bhadrakaal’s putli who came to kill me and trap you. Betaal asks when did you identify her.

Vikram says whenever she used to meet me, she was alone and that’s why he was doubtful. Betaal says how did you know that Somdev will be free from the curse when he has flour food. Vikram says I met Bhooki Mata in jungle and she herself told me that Somdev will be free from curse when he have food. Vikram makes his flour replica and makes Danav Somdev eat it. Putli comes infront of Vikram and tells that she will make somdev as Danav again and you have to kill him. She gets inside Raja Somdev and makes him fly in air. Somdev asks Vikram to kill him else he will become Danav again. Vikram says I will find some way. Somdev says I have to end myself and falls down on the sword. The putli comes out from his body and gets mukti. She thanks Vikram for her mukti and says my sakaratma shakti will be with you and whenever you need me, I will be with me. Vikram asks Somdev why did he give his life. Somdev says he can’t be alive after killing people and is feeling guilty. He says I will be thankful to you for your gesture. His body vanishes. The people of Somdev Rajya thanks Vikram.

Bhadrakaal gets the evil powers of the putli and tells that he will become superior after getting all the powers and then nobody can kill her. Bhooki Mata tells Vikram that she is also guilty as she cursed somdev to become Danav and that’s why she will not eat anything in her life again. Vikram says you are not guilty and says Somdev insulted your hunger because of which this happened. He says nobody shall insult a hungry person, and says if you can’t feed the person then don’t insult him also. He says he will make arrangements to feed people. Betaal says food shall be served to the people. Vikram tells him that he is talking about humans’ hunger and not of him. Bhadrakaal laughs.

Betaal comes somewhere and thinks the nature is so wonderful. A lady comes infront of him and says I am your life partner. Betaal says I don’t know any lady and says I don’t have any relation with any girl. The lady says once I put garland in your neck, you will become my husband. Betaal says I will run away from here and asks her who told you about me. The lady says my heart said. Betaal thinks he doesn’t know how to get away from here. He sees valley and thinks to jump. The lady follows him and says wherever you go, I will come with you. She asks him to accept her varmala. He shouts asking her to leave him. It turns out to be betaal’s dream. Vikram wakes him up hearing him. Betaal asks I saw a very bad dream. They laugh. Vikram says a man takes birth alone, and marriage completes him. Betaal says he is independent bird and can’t be controlled by anyone. Vikram says marriage makes you independent and not captive. Betaal says which lady will marry me. They hear a lady shouting for help.

Precap: The lady tells that she will be dosh free when a dead man marries her. Vikram and betaal looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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