Vikram Betaal 14th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Bharmal dies while fighting a duet war with Vikram

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Vikram Betaal 14th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bharmal dressed as a woman and prays infront of God Yakshini’s idol, tells that he is praying since years so that he can prove his capability. He dances like a woman. He asks Devi Yakshini to appear before him. Devi Yakshini comes infront of him and says she is happy with his prayers. Bharmal says he needs special powers so that he can kill Vikram Aditya. Devi Yakshini says surely and gives him special yakshaktra and says even Devta will not be saved and asks him to remember that yakshaktra shall not be used on himself as it will take his life and save his enemy. She says Yakshaktra can take only 1 wife. Bharmal comes home. Pingla asks why he wants to harm himself. Bharmal says my future is insecure till kaka ji is alive. He asks Acharya jito give his message to Vikram Aditya. Pingla is worried.

Padmini cries knowing Bharmal wants to take her mangalsutra. Vikram wipes her tears. Padmini says I have no control on my tears and says everything changed in a moment. Vikram says this is life. And may be we will get back what we have lost. Virat Sen comes there and reads the challenge given by Bharmal. Bharmal challenges him to have fight war with him. Vikram refuses to fight war with him. Bharmal’s father comes there and asks Vikram to give a learning to Bharmal that only the best can sit on the singhasan. Vikram says ok. Pingla asks Bharmal not to fight with Vikram and says you will lose. Bharmal says you don’t know how I am going to kill kaka shri. He shows her yakshatra and tells about yakshini devi giving him yakshatra. Pingla says you were doing Yakshini Siddhi and I didn’t know. Bharmal asks her not to worry. Virat Sen hears them. Padmini does Vikram’s aarti. Kalidas tells Acharya that Bharmal will lose surely. Acharya says he is sure that Bharmal is upto something. Virat Sen comes there and tells that Bharmal has yakshatra. Kalidas says we have to stop the fight then. Vikram comes to the palace ground to fight war with Bharmal. A tiger roars sitting there. People of Ujjaini cheer for Vikram and Bharmal. Bharmal greets Vikram. Vikram says I am your kaka shri and don’t want to harm you. we shall end the war here itself. Bharmal says I am giving you an opportunity to get back the throne.

Vikram says I am giving you a chance to save yourself. Bharmal says you will know soon and attacks Vikram. They have a fight. Pingla thinks why Bharmal is taking time, and thinks kill Vikram fast. Virat Sen comes to Padmini and tells that there is a big conspiracy, and tells about Yakshatra weapon. Padmini says Maharaj can’t back ff and prays for his safely. Bharmal’s sword falls down. He asks Vikram to attack him. Vikram says I don’t attack on weaponless man and throws his stone. They have hand fight. Pingla thinks why did he keep Yakshatra? Bharmal falls down. Vikram says you are not my enemy, stop this war. Bharmal takes out yakshatra and says this war will end with your end. Pingla thinks he got the buddhi atleast. He tries to stab Vikram, but Vikram his hand and the yakshatra falls on the ground. He fights with Vikram and falls on the yakshatra. Pingla runs to Bharmal and cries. Bharmal closes his eyes.

Pingla asks Vikram to save Bharmal and folds her hands. Vikram comes to devi harsiddhi and asks her to appear infront of him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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