Vikram Betaal 10th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ulupi frees Arjun from Pitr hatya dosh

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Vikram Betaal 10th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ulupi crying seeing Iravan sacrificing himself for Arjun. She tells that how people will know that you was a yoddha and cries. Betaal tells that Ulupi’s dreams were shattered and her life was destroyed. He says one day Ulupi came to know about Arjun’s second wife’s Chitraganda’s son and she had decided that what her son couldn’t do, Chitraganda’s son will do. She becomes snake and goes to Chitrangada. Chitrangada identifies her and greets her. Ulupi tells that they didn’t get the husband’s love or name, and says people knows only about Draupadi and Subhadra as his wives. Chitrangada says she has just her son. Ulupi says she don’t have even that. Chitrangada says my son is yours too. Ulupi says she wants to give yudh shiksha to her child. Chitrangada gets happy and agrees. Maharaj tells that Arjun or others shall not know that he is her Arjun’s son and asks her to make him a big yoddha. Ulupi tells that the son will do which even Iravan couldn’t do. Ulupi starts giving yudh shiksha to Chitrangada’s son. He says Mahabharat started then, Karan and others get killed. Arjun killed Bhisham pita. Mahabharat ended. He says Ulupi came to know that Arjun is coming there. Ulupi sees him and thinks he might have forgotten her. She says Arjun is great to sacrifice his own son. She hears birds talking and telling that Arjun is not great and has done many sins. Ulupi thinks she has to do as she thought.

She asks Chitrangada’s son to do as she said. Chitrangada’s son takes her blessings. He stops Arjun’s horse and fires arrow. Arjun asks who is he? Chitrangada’s son tells that he is Babru Vahan. He challenges him. Arjun and Babru Vahan start fighting. Arjun tells that he don’t want to kill him, but…He fires arrow at him. Babru Vahan falls down. Arjun is about to kill him when Ulupi comes there and asks Babru Vahan to get up. Arjun thinks Ulupi is here, and thinks her son died before Mahabharat, then who is he? She gives him arrow. Babru Vahan fires arrow at Arjun and kills him. Ulupi tells Babru Vahan that he has paid for her favors today. Betaal asks Vikram why did Ulupi got a father killed by his own son.

Vikram says your question was not simple and says Ulupi was Arjun’s wife and loved him truly. He tells that Ulupi came to know hearing birds that Arjun have pitr hatya dosh and that will go away if his own son kills him. He says Ulupi freed arjun from pitr hatya dosh. Babru Vahan asks Ulupi why did she make him kill his own father and says he got the sin. Ulupi says she won’t let that happen, and treats Arjun and makes him fine. Arjun gets fine. Chitrangada tells him that Babru Vahan is their son. Arjun hugs him. Betaal tells Vikram that Arjun got his son and wives, but what did you get?

Bharmal tells Virat Sen that he wants padmini’s mangalsutra as it is missing. Virat Sen comes to Padmini and asks for her mangalsutra.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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