Vikram Betaal 10th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhadrakaal betrays Vishnugupt to get his Aatma Tatwa

Vikram Betaal 10th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vishnugupt asking God why he gives pain to his people. Bhadrakaal says your God enjoys to give pain to people. He says your God is the most saddest person of the earth and can’t give you anything, but the good man of the earth can give you what you wants. Vishnugupt asks who is he? Bhadrakaal says I am standing infront of you, who is the most good amongst all. Vishnugupt asks where did you go? I was searching you. Bhadrakaal says I didn’t have faith on your God and was away from your God and his pain. I was doing a big Anusthan to get people rid of pains. Vishnugupt says by doing tantric doings. Bhadrakaal says you also does puja of idols. Vishnugupt says Mata Kaali blesses me every day and gives me things for everyone use. Bhadrakaal says we don’t have time now, and are getting older. He says you went with Guru dev and I took my path, but we didn’t get our aim till now, why? He says why we are still at the same point. An old man comes and asks Vishnugupt to give him something. Bhadrakaal asks Vishnugupt if he has solution to solve this problem. Vishnugupt asks him if he can solve the problem. Bhadrakaal makes the old man turn into a young boy surprising Vishnugupt.

The old man who is changed into a boy thanks Bhadrakaal. Bhadrakaal asks him to work for his livelihood and says you don’t have to beg infront of anyone now. The boy thanks him and leaves. Bhadrakaal asks Vishnugupt to make their pains go for forever. Vishnugupt asks him to make everyone happy, Bhadrakaal says I am sad about this and says my powers are like a small pebble, I can give them strength, but can’t move the pain from their ways. He says I will use your good powers. Vishnugupt says I couldn’t understand and asks why did you come to me? Bhadrakaal says you are doubting me. Vishnugupt refuses to agree and says I can’t help you in your tantrik Anusthan. Bhadrakaal says I thought you are beyond everything now and will help me, but you are ahead of your God. Vishnugupt asks what do you want to say? Bhadrakaal says you want people to have pain always so that they keep on praising you. He asks him to get over his bhakti and come to him.

He waits for Vishnugupt. Panch Tatwa tells that he will not come. Bhadrakaal says he will come and his wish to let all pains go will bring him here. Vishnugupt comes there. Bhadrakaal hugs him and says I know you will come. He hugs him. Vishnugupt says I came here on your belief and I know there is risk involved. He tells Vikram that he came in Bhadrakaal talks and sat for the Anusthan as I can’t see anyone pain. He says Bhadrakaal started the Anusthan to rule the world. Vishnugupt keeps something in the havan after Bhadrakaal. Bhadrakaal adds something in the fire which makes the flowers and birds die. Vishnugupt asks why the nature is destroying and why the birds are dying due to this yagya. Bhadrakaal says they are getting mukti from the pain. Vishnugupt says this Yagya is not for this world’s betterment and asks him to tell truth. He says this is my Asuri Sena and shows them his robot like lifeless people. Vishnugupt is shocked.

Bhadrakaal laughs and says I made them, but they have no soul in them. He says Aatma will be poured by Parmatma, and I will become Parmatma and fill soul in them. I will sacrifice you and use your Aatma Tatwa after controlling you and then death and life will be my Das. He says I am Kaal’s Kaal Bhadrakaal. Vishnugupt says you have betrayed me. Bhadrakaal says your greed to make the world happy brought you here and says I will get the fruit of your sacrifice. He attacks Vishnugupt to get his powers. Vishnugupt says I didn’t get angry on anyone till now in this earth, I have not done wrong with anyone or attack anyone, but I will not leave you alive. He says Jai maha Kaali. Bhadrakaal appears infront of him with his snake legs. Bhadrakaal asks him to give his life. Panch tatwa tells Vishnugupt that he can’t stop the yagya and have to go from there. Bhadrakaal snakes surround him. Bhadrakaal says I will control on your Aatma Tatwa and laughs.

Bhadrakaal puts Vishnugupt in fire. Vishnugupt curses him to be death until someone hits Rohini and Pushyap together. He tells Vikram that he freed Bhadrakaal with his curse. Vikram comes to Bhadrakaal and asks him who is he? Bhadrakaal appears infront of him in his real form and says he is Bhadrakaal.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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