Vikas Gupta’s Mother Comes out about Disowning Him

Vikas Gupta is one of the most promising contestants of Bigg boss 14. But during this season, we have been witnessing a weaker side of him which we had never seen before. And recently we saw that he had a breakdown on Bigg Boss 14 while talking about his personal life. It was during that conversation that he revealed how his mother and the family disowned him after he came out in public. However, it looks like Vikas’ mother, Sharda doesn’t agree to what Vikas had to say. She has a different story altogether.

She took to social media to talk about the entire episode and how they had broken ties with him before his coming out. While she added how she was not speaking out all this while because of the respect she has, what he said about her distancing herself from him because of her orientation is derogatory.

She wrote, ”To think that we actually distanced our own (son) for his s*xual orientation is equal to making a derogatory statement about my family. Yes, my son and I are not on great terms but that has nothing to do with his orientation. We had cut off ties with him much before he decided to come out in public, and we knew and have always loved him and accepted him the way he is. So the news about us distancing him cause of his choices is a complete hoax fabricated to one’s convenience. But sometimes, when you give too much love, you risk to be taken for granted.”

While she did go on to write more about the same, she concluded by saying, ”This would be my first and last statement on the same as I don’t intend to carry on with this blame game and I would request everyone to understand and give us the respect and privacy we deserve. Thank you.”

She also mentioned, ”Unfortunately, we distanced ourselves from him but despite that, we maintained a silence because unlike him, we didn’t want to paint a bad picture of him in the media. This matter would have never reached this far had my son not decided to cast aspersions against us. We had decided to give him due respect, but he couldn’t allow us our peace, which as a family, is our defeat.”

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