Vikas Gupta SHARES VIDEO of Asim Riaz CONFESSING that he has a girlfriend

Bigg Boss 13’s house is not just chaotic inside, it’s the same outside too. The blame games are on and there are celebrities and friends and family of housemates fighting for their interests. After Vikas Gupta left the house this season after playing with and supporting Sidharth Shukla, he was asked by Asim Riaz’s brother to keep his opinions to himself as he doesn’t know anything about Asim.

Now Vikas has shared a video where Asim is talking about his relationship. Asim tells Sidharth that his last relationship was right before he entered the house. Sidharth asks him if it’s still on. Asim tells him, “Almost nahi toota hai, ek tarah se (No, it’s not ended, in a way).”

Asim says that she is a model from Mumbai and that she is a nice girl, and he will call her first thing after walking out of Bigg Boss. He also shares his plan of going out with her somewhere around Mumbai with his brother, Umar.

Sidharth asks him if Umar has met her. Asim tells him he has a couple of times.

Tweeting the video, Vikas wrote, “Here is @imrealasim accepting that he has not broken up but also that @realumarriaz is aware of his GF #StopLyingUmar What #vikasgupta said is 1st end previous relationship before proposing @realhimanshi who btw is well aware of EX & with Asim like a rock. #AsiManshi #BiggBoss13.”

Vikas also replied to Asim’s father, who accused him of dragging model Shruti Tuli into the game.
Asim’s father wrote, “Vikas Gupta entered @ColorsTV #BiggBoss13 in support of Sid & tried to play dirty game by dragging innocent girl Sharuti Tulli into controversy that she has some relation with Asim but she gave a slap on the face of Vikas that she has no relation in her tweet. #AsimForTheWin.”
To this Vikas replied, “Sir, kids don’t tell their parents everything @imrealasim is young & locked up in the house. He is not at fault but very surprised that @realumarriaz hasn’t informed you about the same & dragged you in his lies. Please hear it from #AsimRiyaz himself #BiggBoss13 #Stoplyingumar.”

  1. Well reply from Vikaas

    1. Vikas should mind his own business. He is terrible and a gossip. It is non of his business in the first place. Asim’s relationship is his business and not for Vikas to expose. Back off Vikas. I really don’t know why they get Vikas back time an again. He does nasty things in the show.

  2. Biased as f**k

  3. Vikas Gupta, you are despicable! Shame on you!

    1. @devika whats despicable a man loving another man or a man cheating a women? U decide and wateva u reply will be ur chracter of taught!

    2. @Romeo, go find your Juliet.

    3. And, it’s thought, not taught.

  4. This “woman” was brought in to destroy Asim to clear the path for BB’s blue eyed boy. How convenient that he became blue eyed boy’s connection! So it will look like a natural win when it is clearly fixed.

    Vikas should look after his own back#$%^! Or is he interested in Asim and wants to break his relationships with women :-))


  5. I hope asim supporters get a guy just like asim who’d ditch them in the end over a pretty girl! May my wish come true.. pleassseee!


    Bhae jhuth Asim aur uski family bol rhi h aur tum log glt vikas ko kah rhe ho…chutiya ho sare

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