Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2019 Written Episode Update


Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with nabhag understanding yagna happening & sees brahmins performing yagna & feels happy with it. He prays & talks with one of the Brahmin by giving his identity & asks permission to take along yahna Prasad for me & my father to survive as soon as you all finish the yagna. So the Brahmin gives him permission & nabhag feels happy by them.

Ravana talks with ganesh & explains him about future outcome too after yagna.

After all yagan finishes the Brahmin tells nabhag thet you have given us power to perform this yagna & we have achieved our goals by your help too hence you can take away all yagna Prasad then nabhag tries to take along all the yagna Prasad but he is unable to lift all those materials in in a cloth bag as it becomes

very very heavy. Suddenly a powerful light immerges in form of originally god shiva & nabhag & all brahmins pray mahadev shiv. Mahadev becomes angry with nabhag & tells him that he has no rights to take away all yagna Prasad as it performed for me & I have the full rights on that. Nabhag tells mahadev that he was taking all this Prasad by permission of these brahmins to me & my father’s survival & not to hurt your rights & if I am wrong then you please forgive me. Mahadev tells nabhag that the Prasad which does not belong to anybody they have no rights to allow you to take & brahmin clear their stand that we are very sorry if we have hurt you but we had performed this yagna to achieve our goals which we do every time but nobody takes this Prasad hence we alloed nabhag to take in return mahadev tells them thay also have no rights as it was performed for me. But nabhag tells mahadev that there is no fault of brahmins & it is my fault to do this & he explains mahadev about example of mother & son by which mahadev was satisfied & happy by his explanation & also gave knowledge of actual human rights which nabhag has performed sincerely so mahadev allows nabhga to take Prasad by his rights. Brahmins pray to mahadev thet you allowed nabhag by this boon but as we are peforming yagna since so many years now we have never got our results for the same so we ask you mahadev that when will we get our boon to free all of us from our this stae of life. Mahadev tells them that you have to learn from nabhag itself & he will guide you from this as where you were wrong. So nabhag teaches brahmins the lesson of sincerity & then only you will achieve your boons. So brahmins pry to mahadev that nabhag has opened our eyes & hence we donate our sincerity to you & mahadev tells them that you donate your pure sincerity to nabhag & not me as he is only to achieve that & will perform sincere duties of your donation because he is not selfish for anything in this world.

Ravana continues the story with ganesh.

Brahmins donate all their sincere purety to nabhag by grace of mahadev’s blessings & immediately he gets everything in his life & also becomes raja chakravarti.

Ganesh continues listening to ravana & tell about the lessons of this story & ravana also replies positively while ganesh goes in deep thoughts of nabhag’s story & mahadev immerges in front of ganesh & ravana & they pray him.

Mahadev asks ravan lankesh that whose soul ling he is holding & ravana is tight-lipped. Mahadev looks towards ravana by his anger & ravana is confused. Ravana tells mahadev that prabhu has given to him which he has achieved by his powers & these are mine & only mine states ravana. Mahadev tells ravana that this itself leads to destructions.

Ravana tells ganesh that we have no time to wait here now as he has to clear his path from Konkan & dive in the river to reach lanka. Hence ganesh thinks within himself that to give ravana more water so that he will be held by this so offers him water to have how much he can to reach lanka his main motive so that I can achive my motive hence immediately ravana asks ganesh what is your motive & ganesh falls in trouble to answer ravana as ganesh feels his mistake & changes his mind to reply ravana to mis-guide him. Ravana sees snakes coming out of their dens & running towards squirrels & squirrel running & going on the tree & squirrel praying mahadev to save him from these snakes & the squirrel jumps from the end of the tree & falls on the stone platform & gets saved by himself & the squirrel praises himself so much that keeps dancing saying I have saved myself. Suddenly an eagle comes flying & pics the squirrel & ravana continues this story with ganesh of self-over-confidence killing himself & ganesh understands of prabhu avatar lessons so ganesh asks who avatar & ravana states as vikshuvaiya avatar. & ganesh tells ravan to also narrate his story too & offers water to him.

Ravana tells ganesh once upon a time there was one raja satyarth who had faith that he had good relations with his neighboring raja’s empire’s but he never knew that they were his jealousy counterparts & so one of the emperor attacked on his empire & raja satyarth without any pre study went for war but he was killed in that war & hi princess is shattered & running for safety from enemy army people who was pregnant & had to sacrifice the empire & had to go in jungles to survive by giving birth to a son. She started going places here & there with her child in her hands but praises of blessings of mahadev after so many hurdles her son was safe in her hands which was not possible.

Ganesh talks about the princess faith in mahadev & appreciable. Ravana tells ganesh otherwise & narrates most dangerous outcome going ahead.

Princess sees mahadev shiv kund & shows her son to the kund & takes blessings & keeps her son near the kund & tells him that now I have to perform aradhana to pprabhu Vishnu. As she tries to leave a crocodile comes out of sea water & looks her. Princess tries to stop her son from crying by consoling him that I am keeping you here near mahadev & nothing will happen to you as I am not leaving you forever.

Precap : A lion I roaring in the jungle behind a woman while running & she finds the child near shiv kund & picks him & gives him shelter & love to up-bring him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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