Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th April 2018 Written Episode Update: All gods praise jalandhar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 9th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with vrinda saying my love, you have shown them your power, now see soon these all gods will start praying to you and listening to you. Suddenly all gods appear and both vrinda and Jalandhar are shocked. Jalandhar thinks wow, vrinda said was right and he laughs, he says the gods appeared themselves, they have accepted me as god. Kuber says to indra dev that stay calm, don’t get angry, we have to do what ganesh ji said, because of that Jalandhar will be destroyed. Indra dev then smiles and says how couldn’t we come lord Jalandhar? We saw your powers when you almost defeated us and we thought of making you our god, all gods say yes lord Jalandhar. Suryadev says yes bhagwan Jalandhar. Vrinda says if you accepted him now then why didn’t you bend before him that day? Jalandhar says yes tell me why? Suryadev says because everything happened so quickly that day, lord you tried to stop me from doing my work and everything happened so fast, so I retaliated but now my sense have come back to me. Indra dev says prabhu it takes time to know the truth and accept it, so now we have accepted you as god. All say yes. Vrinda thinks it is good, the gods have come to their sense, I will ask them about that weird elephant headed kid. As vrinda is about to ask, Jalandhar stops her and says wait I will talk now.
Jalandhar says so you gods have accepted me as your great god, I am also kind, so I will forgive all of you for your mistakes, you are free. All gods say bhagwan Jalandhar ki jai! Everyone praise Jalandhar. Jalandhar then sits and says now tell me what all work you do. All gods say we are the gods and we shall go for our daily work, we will tell you. Indra dev says I am devraj indra, the king of gods and my duty is to give proper rains everywhere. Suryadev says I am suryadev, my duty is to properly rise the sun and sunset on time and to manage day and night events. Varun dev says my duty is to provide water in abundance in all water bodies. Chandra dev says my duty is to take away the darkness at night and provide light on earth as well as manage the water movements on earth and provide medicinal effects to trees and plants. Jalandhar says enough, enough, I am bored. Jalandhar says to kuber, you fat man, what is your work? Do you do any work other than eating? Indra dev gets angry but everyone act laughing as Jalandhar and vrinda laugh. Kuber says yes prabhu, my duty is to protect this universe’s precious jewels, ornaments, gold, fame, etc. Vrinda and Jalandhar are shocked and say what did you say? Kuber says again and vrinda says all the precious gold? Vrinda looks at kuber and thinks this man is wearing such precious ornaments. Jalandhar says okay then, you all can go now and do your daily work, it is time for me to rest. Everyone say bhagwan Jalandhar ki jai and turn back as they go. Suddenly the gods stop. Jalandhar sees and says what happened? Indra dev says prabhu they are coming. Jalandhar says who is that? Indra dev says it is the 2 sons of Lord shiv, kumar kartikeya and ganesh ji. Jalandhar says shiv’s sons coming here? Indra dev says yes, kumar kartikeya is very strong and powerful, he is the commander of our god’s army and he is very powerful, even stronger than all of us gods, he is a warrior and he has guided our armies and helped them defeat so many demons in the past, he is a strategist and no demon can defeat him. Indra dev says the younger son is ganesh ji! The most intelligent person to ever exist in this universe, he is the god of intelligence and no one can be more quick-witted and clever than he is, he has saved the gods many times, both the brothers are great in themselves.
As kartikeya comes and lands with mayur peacock outside the palace, he is angry and ganesh says brother if you stay this angry, the demon soldiers and Jalandhar may doubt you, my plan wont work then. Kartikeya says ganesh I will stay calm now, but at the end I wont leave Jalandhar. Ganesh and Jalandhar both start walking inside the palace and the soldiers see kartikeya and ganesh and think who are these? Have they come for a fight? Ganesh says brother you still look angry and I think if this is the way you look calm then who will save these demons when you actually will be angry?
Both ganesh and kartikeya come inside. Jalandhar gets up and vrinda says my love, these kids look dangerous and are very powerful as they are shiv’s sons. Jalandhar says to his soldiers, surround them and arrest them. The demons surround and kartikeya gets angry, he attacks the demons with his spear and kills them one by one. Ganesh thinks brother started to battle, my plan wont work this way. After the demons are killed, Jalandhar says what is this? Ganesh then intervenes and says pranam Jalandhar ji! This is my brother kartikeya and I am ganesh, he did not wanted to kill the demon soldiers but they surrounded us and my brother wanted to show you that he is not just a young man, he is the commander of the army of gods and he wanted to show you his importance and how he fights, indra dev told us that a new god has arisen for the good of this universe and so we came to meet you. Jalandhar says then it is okay but this shall not happen again. Ganesh says yes prabhu it wont. Kartikeya smiles and says my brother is right. Vrinda thinks should I trust these kids? Ganesh then says wont you welcome us Jalandhar ji? How can a god bring his disciples in his home and attack them? Jalandhar is confused. She then says no, you both don’t seem trustworthy you should be put in jail you younger kid, ganesh! Jalandhar says yes I think that is rirght.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya are praying to shiv ling. Jalandhar says who is that praying to shiv in my palace? Jalandhar and vrinda go to ganesh and kartikeya to confront them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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