Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suryadev goes to kashi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 8th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev coming back. mahadev is very angry and he says indra dev, I had warned you not to do any violence against raja devodas, he follows dharma and he has not done any mistake! He is a dharma nisht king and kashi is free of all adharma because of raja devodas! Still you went against my words and tried to hurt raja devodas, you shall be punished. Indra dev is scared and says forgive me mahadev, mahadev’s third eye lights up with fire and opens, ganesh says father’s third eye has opened. Ganesh says devraj indra will be in trouble. Ganesh says wait father! Please forgive indra dev, he did a mistake and everybody does, you are bholenath father! Please forgive indradev. Mahadev closes his eyes and calms down and his 3rd eye closes. Mahadev says I forgive indra dev

but now I shall repeat one last time, no one will do anything against raja evodas to hurt him or his kingdom because he has not done any mistake! Mahadev starts meditating.
Ganesh says what do we do now? how to convince raja devodas? Suryadev says ganesh ji, I will go and try once, I have a plan. Lord Vishnu says okay. Suryadev goes.
In kashi, raja devodas talks with his wife and says my love, this kashi nagri is the holiest city in the universe! No adharma exists here and none will ever.
Suryadev comes near kashi and sees the city, he says raja devodas because of you mahadev cannot come here. suryadev goes in the temple of mata adishakti and adishakti says suryadev, rishi jageshwar is outside still breathing but if mahadev doesn’t come here and if he dies, a sin will happen. Suryadev says mata, I have come to convince raja devodas and I promise you and mahadev will be reunited.
Suryadev comes out and sees rishi jageshwar, he is worried and says raja devodas you are heartless. Suryadev goes and disguises himself as a normal man. Suryadev says I will find adharma in kashi, if I find even one person who follows adharma in kashi then devodas will be forced to allow mahadev to come back to kashi. Suryadev goes and he goes near a crowd watching 2 men fight with swords. Suryadev says yes, these 2 men are fighting with swords which means one of them must have done adharma! finally I succeeded. Suddenly the 2 men stop sword fighting and one man say we will meet again tomorrow for your next lesson. Suryadev says they were learning to fight swords. Suryadev walks ahead and he goes to the kashi market and says here I will find someone doing adharma! he then sees a shopkeeper and a customer. The man says to the shopkeeper, I need these 2 flowers, the shopkeeper says okay sir these are the last remaining flowers. The man says then please keep it for me, I will come back with my wife and buy it from you for 2 coins. The shopkeeper says okay and man goes. Suryadev comes and says I need those flowers, the shopkeeper says forgive me sir but I have already sold these. Suryadev says yes I saw you but that man hasn’t paid you yet and I will give you 5 coins instead of 2, the shopkeeper sees and says no sir, forgive me but if I take more coins from you it will be cheating you and if I sell this to you, I will also cheat that man and it will be adharma.
Suryadev is shocked and thinks how can this happen? What now?
Suryadev goes ahead and he sees a rishi removing food under a tree to eat. Suryadev goes and says brahman dev, I am a traveler and have been travelling for days but now I am hungry, I haven’t eaten anything, please give me something as I don’t even have any gold to sell. Brahman dev smiles and says but I have only this much food. Suryadve thinks finally I got one adharmi, now I will force raja devodas to let mahadev in kashi.

Precap: raja devodas says no one in kashi follows adharma. suryadev tells the 64 avatars of adishakti that mahadev and adishakti have been separated because of raja devodas, the 64 avatars get angry and go to kill raja devodas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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