Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Lord vishnu kills madhu and ketam.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with lord Vishnu saying how dare you attack brahma dev? you will be punished for this, evil demons! Demons say Vishnu, we were initially sent to attack and kill you, good you camr to us yourself. Madhu and ketam attacks lord Vishnu but he easily defends the attack. Lord Vishnu then in anger attacks lightning bolts on the demons, it hits them and they scream in pain as they get hurt. Both of them fall inside the water and die. Lord Vishnu says I think they are dead brahma dev!
Suddenly the water starts bubbling and the demons come out in a form of a single demon with 2 heads. Lord Vishnu thinks how is this possible? Brahma dev thinks how could they live the attacks of lord Vishnu? The single demon attacks lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu removes his sword and defends himself from the attacks of the demon.
Ganesh there says but how did they not die from mama ji vishnu’s attack and power? Mata kali says it was all my leela, I am kali! Those are demons and evil is meant to rise always, but also know that adharma is always destroyed no matter how powerful it is, dharma always wins over adharma!
There lord Vishnu defends himself and then he attacks the demons with an arrow such that the body is ripped apart and the demon falls inside water. In sometime, they again get resurrected and madhu and ketam come in their original form alive again. Lord Vishnu is confused as he thinks how can my power not kill these demons? Who has sent them?
Madhu and ketam laugh and say Vishnu we are too powerful, we have been sent by mata maya, she gave us our powers and gave us life, she gave us our names! Madhu says ketam, first we will kill this Vishnu dev and then we will kill brahma dev. ketam says yes, I will take the place of Vishnu dev and you take the place of brahma dev, we both will become new gods.
Brahma dev thinks why would mata kali send these demons to fight lord Vishnu? Madhu and ketam attack lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu dodges the attacks and saves himself from the sword attacks. Lord Vishnu uses his powers and then attacks madhu and ketam again. Madhu and ketam get hurt as they defend themselves from the attack, they are attack by lord vishnu’s arrow and then by his gadha! Both of them fall inside the water and are killed. In some time they are again resurrected, and they come out laughing!
In this way, each time lord Vishnu attacks the demons, they die and resurrect to fight Vishnu dev again! Lord Vishnu continues fighting the demons as they attack lord Vishnu too.
There ganesh says mata kali, how did mama shree Vishnu defeat these demons? Each time they came back alive?
Mata kali says this was my leela of the form of mata maya!

Precap: lord Vishnu asks the demons madhu and ketam to give him a blessing that only he can kill them. Both demons become huge and say you can kill us but only one condition, you cannot kill us on water. Ganesh says there was water everywhere, then how were madhu and ketam defeated?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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