Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana tells story of sureshwar.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana telling ganesh how the nateshwar avatar of mahadev, explained to raja himavat and devi maina the importance of marriage and the importance of praying and sacrificing the Pooja results to ganesh ji first. Ravana says nateshwar said before the marriage ceremony and rituals start, the prayer to ganesh ji should be done and how ganesh ji becomes the vighnaharta of all people. Praying to ganesh ji, solves the problems of a newly married couple and ganesh ji protects them from any future problems in their relation. Ganesh says I am vighakarta for only those people who don’t follow dharma and are egoistic of themselves.
Ravana tells story of nateshwar and continues. Prabhu nateshwar tells raja himavat that is how the marriage between a couple works. Raja himavat is impressed and he says he nat, you seem to be a very knowledgeable person, forgive me that I insulted you and I regret it. himavat says you are the worthy groom for my daughter parvati and I accept you as my son in law, sunatnartak! Devi maina is happy too and parvati blushes. Himavat says sunatnartak ji, I sense a divinity around you and I know you are someone else, please give me the darshan of your true form. Mahadev reveals his true form and everyone is amazed. They do pranam to mahadev and raja himavat asks for forgiveness for insulting him before, he never knew he was mahadev and if he did he would have never said the things he said. Mahadev says no himavat ji, don’t ask for forgiveness because I wanted this. I never wanted you to accept me as prabhu mahadev, because I wanted to ask parvati’s hand in marriage from you like any other groom would and so think of me as sunatnartak, what you said to me was your natural reaction towards me as a protective father of a daughter.
Raja himavat says mahadev, I am ready to give my daughter in your hands in marriage,when should the day be decided? Mahadev says no before that, I want the marriage to go as a brahma vivah and thus my mother Arundhati, shall come to you with my proposal for parvati, then the days shall be decided and the marriage shall commence. Raja himavat agrees.
Ravana tells ganesh, this was the story of my prabhu’s avatar of Prabhu Nateshwar. Ganesh says then now we shall pray to mahadev’s nateshwar avatar and have his darshan. Both ravana and ganesh pray to the nateshwar avatar, nateshwar avatar appears and gives blessings to ravana and ganesh. Ravana gets worried as nateshwar sees the aatma ling and gets angry. Prabhu nateshwar uses his powers and starts pulling the aatma ling towards him. ravana is worried and says prabhu, please don’t take aatma ling from me because mahadev himself has given me his aatma ling. Ravana says I prayed and meditated to maahdev and he gave it to me as a boon. Nateshwar recalls the memory and gives aatma ling back to ravana and says you have deceived Mahadev, but you can have the aatma ling because it wont be with you for long. After all, the thing owned by someone goes back to the owner itself. nateshwar goes.
Ravana now tells ganesh, the story of mahadev’s avatar of Prabhu sureshwar who was responsible for creating the ocean of milk. He states that this avatar symbolized honesty, honor and devotion.
Ravana and ganesh sit down to complete Pooja of mahadev. One head of ravana tells story of sureshwar form to ganesh. Ravana says first I will tell you the story of mahadev’s disciple Upmanyu. Ravana says upmanyu was the son of rishi vyagrapal. After upmanyu was born, rishi went for meditation and thus upmanyu’s mother took care of him but his mother was not capable and did nothing so they did not have any food.
One day upmanyu comes home and sees three pots covered and says so today we have three delicious items for food, mother please serve me, please mother. Upmanyu’s mother is sad and has tears and thinks what can I tell my son? there is no food today. Upmanyu sits and says today I will relish three dishes. His mother gives the plates and takes 3 pots to upmanyi, she opens each and upmanyu sees they are all empty. Upmanyu looks again and they are empty and says mother they are empty. Upamnyu’s mother says see, we have dal, kheer and puri and they are so divya they are invisible, you cannot see them. Mother says upmanyu, there is food and I can smell it, I will serve you and you will smell it then because only special divya children can smell it. upmanyu’s mother serves invisible food and tries to make upmanyu believe in it. she says now tell can you smell it? upmanyu then tries and says yes, I can smell it and mother says then have your fill son. she thinks how unfortunate I am, I have to serve my son only dreams. Upmanyu’s mother gives him jaggery to eat which is all that is left.
Upmanyu goes to play with his friends, and bhima comes to play but drinks milk before. Upmanyu watches with surprise and bhima says he drinks milk everyday. Upmanyu is shocked and bhima says don’t you? upmanyu says no, I don’t and I get milk only when someone offers it to us. Bhima says I shall bring you milk from my mother, we have many cows. Upmanyu says no I already had food, he runs home and asks his mother to give him milk. Upmanyu’s mother is sad and she says okay and gives him an empty pot. Upmanyu says no not divine milk, I want the milk which is visible and from which my white moustaches will be created. Upmanyu’s mother mixes wheat flour in water and gives to upmanyu.
Ravana says this would start the event for mahadev to take sureshwar avatar and create an ocean of milk, The Kshir sagar.

Precap: Upmanyu is made fun of by friends as they tell him it is wheat flour mixed in water. upmanyu asks his mother why she lied to him? mother says then go and ask milk from that prabhu, the one who is the father of all, Mahadev. Upmanyu prays to mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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