Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura prays to devi tara.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 7th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya being on mayur ji, kartikeya crosses the third land protected by tarkaksh, third son of tarkasura. Kartikeya falls down on mayur ji as he gets hurt by the attacks of tarkaksh. Kartikeya gets up and looks at mayur ji as he sees mayur ji is severely injured. Kartikeya is sad and says no, mayur ji! I was so careless I put your life at risk please forgive me. kartikeya has tears as mayur ji lies down injured. Kartikeya says mayur ji, get up please get up. Mayur ji is in pain and kartikeya is sad. Mayur ji then suddenly gathers his powers and gets up all fine, kartikeya is happy and says forgive me mayur ji. Mayur ji says no prabhu, you are my prabhu and for you I can give my life too. Kartikeya is happy and he says mayur ji, we have almost reached the cave where tarkasura is praying but from here I have to go ahead myself because there is a river of lava and magma that I have to cross myself. Mayur ji says okay prabhu, as you wish I will stay here.
Tarkasura there prays to mata tara standing on one leg and does harsh prayers to impress devi tara. Kartikeya here starts crossing the river of lava as he jumps from one rock to another, to cross the hot lava river. Tarkasura prays and has to pass the tests done by devi tara on him, all the yogini devi’s appear first and they come near tarkasura as he continues to pray. The yogini devi start eating the flesh from tarkasura’s body as he stands live praying. Tarkasura prays but screams in pain as well but doesn’t stop praying to devi tara. The yogini devi’s eat the flesh and drink blood by biting out tarkasura’s flesh and licking the blood from his body, the yogini’s scream in their fierce voice.
Kartikeya jumps and he crosses the river, as he starts coming quickly near the cave.
Mahadev says to parvati, tarkasura has to pass another test that will be taken by devi tara, if he passes that then he will become a powerful demon.
Tarkasura continues praying and now as his flesh and blood is eaten, he is reduced to a skeleton. Devi tara appears and she says tarkasura, you are a skeleton now. tarkasura speaks with his broken voice and says devi, I have passed all these tests taken by you and the yogini devi’s. devi tara says tarkasura, you shall get what you want and you will be granted your wish to become a powerful demon, you will get a new body as well but for that you have to walk and step into this fire and if you fear then the fire shall recognize and you shall not get what you want. Tarkasura walks as a skeleton and he takes his broken bone and starts walking towards the fire created by devi tara.
Kartikeya comes towards the cave.
Tarkasura walks and enters the fire.
As kartikeya reaches the cave, a very huge and powerful demon steps out of the cave. Kartikeya looks at the demon and says it is tarkasura, he got his wish from mata tara. Tarkasura is very strong and powerful and has all powers a demon can possess, tarkasura says kartikeya now I will kill you, what can you do now dev senapati?
Ganesh says to devi sarla and raja devodas, tarkasura had completed the prayers and passed the test and he became a very powerful demon but tarkasura had another secret, when it would be revealed kartikeya ji would be shocked then!
There kartikeya says tarkasura, you don’t forget how much ever powerful you become, your wish from brahma dev was that you could be killed by a mahadev son and I will kill you for all your sins, no matter what you do, the evil never wins over the good. Kartikeya and tarkasura jump towards each other, tarkasura punches kartikeya and kartikeya crashes into the ground.
Kartikeya gets up and he punches tarkasura. Tarkasura falls down and gets hurt. Kartikeya again punches tarkasura, tarkasura gets up and starts fighting with kartikeya using his immense powers. Tarkasura then flies towards kartikeya to confuse him and punches kartikeya. Kartikeya jumps over the head of tarkasura and throws him on the ground.

Precap: tarkasura is granted 2 bodies by devi tara, one of his huge demon body which he was blessed with and the other original body of tarkasura with his initial powers. Kartikeya is shocked to know he still has to kill tarkasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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