Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Shumbh’s soldiers attack devi kaushaki.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya saying now mata kaushaki is going to punish shumbh nishumbh and his demons.
Shumbh stands and looks at the red sky, all demons are scared. Shumbh says trishul has come towards us, who did this? As they look at the red sky, blood rains on the ground and all soldiers. Shumbh says how is blood raining on us? Nishumbh says I am sure brother, this cheap devi is doing all this. Shumbh says brother nishumbh, this woman is doing this and trying to scare us by raining blood on us and telling us that we are going to be defeated. Shumbh says I am king of demons, shumbh and I will drag this woman with me.
Devi kaushaki looks at shumbh and she says you both demons, however anyone may have tried to convince you not to be egoistic, you both will still do the same mistakes as that is the thinking of a demon. Shumbh says you cheap woman, you are nothing compared to us, and you are talking to the king of demons, you women think you can do everything but you cannot and you are the dirt of men’s feet. Devi kaushaki gets angry and calms herself down, she closes her eyes. Shumbh and nishumbh look at kaushaki and say how beautiful is this woman, if she did not have much ego then she would have come with us peacefully but we will rather drag her and show her our power. Kaushaki says shumbh nishumbh, you both are the dirt on this universe which should have never been born, you have been given too many chances to do the right thing but you wont change, you will be punished and killed for insulting women and for your sins you have done over the world. Shumbh laughs and tells his army to charge on kaushaki and take her captive.
All soldiers charge towards kaushaki in rage. Mata kali and mata chandmari stand with devi kaushaki. Devi kaushaki removes her bow and attacks an arrow on all the soldiers. The arrow turns into many hundreds of arrows and it kills all the soldiers. Shumbh nishumbh are shocked. nishumbh says don’t worry brother, no woman can defeat us. Nishumbh makes a loud sound and calls all demon soldiers. The ground tremors and from the ground, thousands of soldiers come out by making holes in the ground, they land down. Shumbh laughs and says I have many soldiers, you are alone! Devi kaushaki smiles and she summons all her yogini forms to fight the soldiers. Nishumbh says brother, this woman has powers and many forms. All the yogini’s start fighting and killing the soldiers one by one. Nishumbh is shocked and says brother, we have to stop these woman soldiers otherwise all our soldiers will be killed. Nishumbh says cheap woman, you will be killed now. shumbh makes a sound and suddenly from the ground huge holes are made and huge creatures come out of holes from the ground, they have a lion face and they holed each of the yogini’s and start pulling them back inside the ground.
The yogini’s say mata save us, help us mata! Please help us mata. Shumbh laughs and says what did you think? You can defeat me and my soldiers so easily? Mata kali gets angry. Mata kali and mata chandmari run with their weapons towards those creatures, they cut the heads and throats of the creatures. Chandmari jumps on the creatures putting them back in ground and then cuts their throats. All the yogini’s are saved.
Shumbh and nishumbh are in shock and they summon the remaining of their army behind them. Nishumbh says brother, I will deal with this woman, she cannot defeat me.

Precap: devi kaushaki cuts the head of nishumbh. Shumbh is sad. The soldiers attack the rest of the world.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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