Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev attacks on raja devodas.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with indra dev saying mahadev, I will go to convince raja devodas to allow you into kashi. Mahadev says devraj indra, I wont tolerate any harm to devodas and his principles. Indra dev goes.
There indra dev enters kashi and he looks inside the palace at raja devodas. Raja devodas is with his wife and he says because of mahadev, today I am the king here and I do all my duties by dharma! Wife says I trust you swami, I know you can never follow adharma. indra dev says devodas, you are after all a human and I will make you go and plead to mahadev to come back to kashi, because of you there are so many problems. Indra dev calls 2 beautiful apsara women, Rambha and menka. Indra dev says Rambha and menka, you have to make devodas look at you both and turn him to iniquity! He

should be blackmailed such that he has to go and plead to mahadev. Rambha and menka say it will be dome devraj.
They both go to the palace of raja devodas and says maharaj devodas! We are apsaras from a distant kingdom and came here after we heard about your divya form and we were impressed, we have come to meet you. raja devodas says mata, you are welcome to the holy city of kashi, raja devodas looks down all this time as he doesn’t look at the women. Rambha and menka say maharaj, if you look at our beauty once then you wont call us mata! Rambha and menka start dancing around raja devodas as they sing song and try to attract his attention. Raja devodas still looks down as his wife smiles. There in kashi at the river gang’s bank, the aarti for mahadev starts. Devodas listens to it and he walks out of the palace and says now is the time for the holy aarti of mata ganga and mahadev. Rambha and menka realise the adharma they were doing and they go the ganga river bank and listen to the beautiful aarti! They smile and say what wrong were we trying to do with raja devodas, he is such a great king and a pure soul. Rambha and menka join the aarti.
There indra dev says why haven’t Rambha and menka come? I will go and check, indra dev goes and he sees Rambha and menka doing the aarti, he goes to them and says you fools, why had I sent you here and what are you both doing? Rambha and menka say devraj indra, you sent us to do such an adharma work, you should be ashamed to attempt to destroy the character of raja devodas who is so holy from his soul! Indra dev goes angrily and says I will only do this work, this devodas has trapped everyone in his rule, because of him mahadev cannot come to kashi! I will teach him a lesson.
Ganesh and kartikeya say what is indra dev doing, father will punish indra dev if he does anything wrong.
There raja devodas is with his wife in his palace as they look out of the balcony. Indra dev says devodas, you will learn some sense today. Indra dev takes his Vajra astra and says I will call such disaster over devodas and his palace that he shall beg before mahadev. Indra dev summons dangerous black clouds over kashi and then strikes lightning on devodas’s palace. Raja devodas and his wife are shocked and devodas says mahadev, what wrong have I done? Why has such a disaster come over my palace? Mahadev please protect me if I have done my duties rightfully! Mahadev hears the voice of devodas and he strikes the lighting back on indra dev.
Mahadev opens his eyes in anger and says indra dev, I had told you not to do anything wrong and harm devodas or his palace or kashi! You dared to do this even after I warned you, come back here now! indra dev hears and he goes back to maheshwar.
Ganesh is worried, mahadev looks angrily at indra dev.

Precap: mahadev’s third eye opens to punish indra dev as mahadev ays indra dev you shall be punished. Ganesh says father’s 3rd eye has opened, I have to do something.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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