Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Mahadev takes nateshwar form.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati then seeing mahadev in his true form. Parvati says forgive me prabhu I couldn’t recognize you. Mahadev asks forgiveness for testing parvati. Parvati says I am ready to give any number of tests to attain you mahadev. Mahadev takes his avatar and he smiles at parvati with love.
Ganesh says this certainly showed that each relationship has to go through its tests and difficulties. Even mahadev and mother parvati had to go through many tests. Ravana says yes ganesh ji, they had to go through sacrifice, devotion and love. Ravana and ganesh then pray to mahadev’s brahmachari avatar as the story of brahmachari avatar is recited again through the prayers. Brahmachari avatar of mahadev appears and then blesses ganesh and lankesh ravana. He notices the aatma ling and says love and devotion are 2 different things, honesty is another. Brahmachari says, if you lose any then you also lose what you have gained, prabhu goes. Ganesh says whom was he talking about? Was it you ravana? Ravana says no, not me, it was about prabhu’s next form. Prabhu sunatnartak or prabhu nateshwar. Prabhu almost lost everything he had gained by the brahmachari form through nateshwar form.
Prabhu nateshwar was a nat, a drama actor. Mahadev took the form as a drama actor but when prabhu took brahmachari avatar and asked devi parvati to take her to Kailash, mata parvati denied. Ganesh says yes. Ravana says parvati denied because she was a dutiful daughter, and she asked mahadev that someone from his side come to her parents for the proposal of her marriage with him. That was dharma because her parents were her guardians and without their happiness and permission she couldn’t marry him. Mahadev understood and parvati asked for the kanydaan from her parents because without kanyadaan how would mahadev have complete right over her? Mahadev agreed and said you are right devi, this marriage will be over completely when her parents gave blessings to them. Mahadev promised he would have her parents blessings and permission for their brahma vivah.
Ganesh explains brahma vivah is the most holiest bond of marriage, because there is no money exchange and neither business between people for a marriage and it is based on pure love towards each other.
Mahadev then took the avatar of prabhu nateshwar in Kailash. All the gan of mahadev were impressed by this avatar of mahadev. Mahadev had his own music instruments and he praised the lord and went on his journey towards the mountains of raja himavat, parvati’s father. Nandi and totla gadsar follow.
Mahadev reaches the Himalaya kingdome of raja himavat. As he praises the lord and enters the kingdom. Parvati is getting ready in her room with her friends. She hears the sound of a man praising shiva and she comes out in her kingdom, and meets up with her father. King himavat with his wife queen maina, welcome prabhu nateshwar. They ask who are you? Nateshwar says my name is sunatnartak, gadsar takes the form of a woman actor and nandi as another actor with mahadev. Nateshwar says maharaj, I had heard a lot about the Himalaya kingdom and so I came here to present my work to you, king. Raja himavata warmly welcomes nateshwar in his kingdom. Nateshwar sees parvati and falls in deep love with her, parvati smiles at nateshwar and they come inside the palace of raja himavat.

Precap: Nateshwar present an act of the demon bhasmasura who had encountered mahadev once and threatened to use his boon against mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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