Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2019 Written Episode Update – Mahadev & Vishnu prabhu reunite

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mahadev speaking within hemself seeing vishu prabhu taking chakra weapon in his hands to shoot. All sisters & gauri mata are watching these happening. Vishnu prabhu shoots his chakra & same time mahadev also shoots his trishul weapon to retaliate & a blast happens wherein whole brahmand is shaken watching by all gods & goddesses too.

Laxmi mata feels this & gets shaken too & speaks within herself that this is terrible to happen between Vishnu prabhu & mahadev so she also has to be there or wrong things will happen more & more.

All sisters are shocked & shaken & also feeling happy as to get blessings of mahadev & Vishnu prabhu. As their weapons go on eachother sisters & all others are seeing their souls

coming out of eachother to save them. Sisters are feeling repented by this kind of love for eachother.

Ganesh continues talking about the same with ravana & mushakji & explaining the outcome of this too.

Vishnu prabhu takes out his main weapon to send towards mahadev  but seeing this sisters are feeling terrible about this as this will lead to world’s end. Mahadev too takes out his strong weapon to destroy Vishnu prabhu’s weapon for retaliation. All sisters, gauri mata, laxmi mata also are in confusions seeing blasts happening on all mountains.

Laxmi mata speaks within herself if she is late to reach the place where war is happening & need to go fast. Gauri mata is also shocked.

Mushakji talks with ganesh about this & ganesh explains him in details.

All sisters are feeling repented now & talks within eachother & crying for wrong deeds about them & praying gauri mata for helping & gauri mata advices them to release Vishnu prabhu from your clutches & plead mahadev for the same. All sisters shout their repenting words & tells Vishnu prabhu to return to laxmi mata. Vishnu prabhu hears & the war stops from Vishnu prabhu.

Both Mahadev & Vishnu prabhu’s love immerges in-between them now Vishnu prabhu sees & says mahadev in fron of him & also calls devi laxmi who immerges too besides him & their love for eachother reunites again. Mahadev & gauri mata are happy seeing this reunion.

All sisters are running towards Vishnu prabhu & rigorously pleads with him by repenting for wrong deeds happened by them. Vishnu prabhu tells them I have no rights as only mahadev can only forgive you now. All sisters plead mahadev & mahadev sees towards gauri mata & she approves their plead but mahadev teaches them true facts of love & life.

Ravana tells ganesh & mushakji that now he will recite a new story of prabhu avatar that what he has given a new lesson of life in this world. Ganesh teaches facts of life to ravana & mushakji. We should envy prabhu vrishabh now. They pray & see the playback of mahadev in disguise of buffalo how it was managed & cleared the hurdles of Vishnu prabhu & feeling happy about this.

Mahadev immerges in disguise of buffalo head in front of ganesh, mushakji & ravana & they pray to him. Mahadev tells ravana to not to get scared of him as I won’t take your prabhu’s soul ling. Ravana replies that he is not scared about this as nobody can take this from me. Mahadev gives ravana too a sense of lesson & leaves. Ravana is stunned & goes in thoughts as ganesh & mushakji asks to ravana then he gets annoyed & tells mushakji also to leave as he needs to go to lanka now. Ganesh gives water to ravana to stop him by going to lanka & talk about prabhu mahadev & his devotees.

Ravana sees mahadev & tells ganesh that he is always with him & ganesh prays mahadev. They move ahead to listen story of prabhu avatar from ravana.

Precap: Mahadev’s Shri Krishna darshan & the war between Shri Ganesh & Ravana.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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