Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh takes panchmukhi avatar.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya with gods. Suryadev says you evil demon, what had you said to us? You will send us to yam lok and make us count the souls there? now you have lost everything, even your patal lok is ours. Indra dev says friend shumbh, you cheated with us, now I will request yamraj that he take your souls and put them with the other souls, and make you play dice with them. All gods laugh and say now patal lok is ours too. Ganesh says no indra dev, we are gods and gods are not like demons, we don’t cheat and win something, that is greed, asur nayak shumbh, you don’t need to go anywhere and you can have what you owned but you will give us everything back what you took from us by cheating and then we will leave this place in peace. Shumbh says no, never! Once that my

supremacy has been established over a thing, I wont leave it. Shumbh says my commanders, take all these gods captive and tie this ganesh and bring him to me. Shokracharya thinks, what is shumbh doing in anger? He is foolish, going against ganesh ji he is inviting his death and destruction. All demons remove their weapon, kartiekeya removes his spear and ganesh says no brother, kartikeya says ganesh these demons need to be punished. Ganesh says I will deal with them. Kartikeya gets back.
Ganesh stands and then stamps on the ground strongly, everything starts tremoring and the demons fall down and get hurt, everyone shake as the ground moves. Shokracharya thinks shumbh cannot match ganesh ji’s power. The demonesses run away and say run! Run! The demons get up and take their weapons. Ganesh starts becoming huge in size and he takes his panchmukhi avatar with all weapons in his 10 hands. ganesh’s bright light reflect from his divya avatar and the demons eyes start hurting and they cannot see ganesh. Rishi shokracharya moans in pain. The gods and kartikeya do pranam to ganesh ji. Ganesh says shumbh and you other demons, you did what you wanted and you cheated. Rishi shokracharya says mahadev son pratham pujya ganesh ji, I cannot see you avatar? Why cant i? I am a rishi, why have I been kept away from the darshan of your avatar? Please don’t do this ganesh ji, I want the darshan of your avatar. Ganesh says it is because you rishi shokracharya had been appointed the asur guru of demons by tridev so that you would guide them and also show them how to win, but you being a knowledgeable rishi and mahadev’s bhakt, you supporting cheating and taught the demons to win by playing a game of dice and by cheating, you shouldn’t have don’t that, your mind should be pure and clear as you are mahadev’s bhakt, you will get my darshan only if you clear your mind from all evil and look at me as your prabhu, take mahadev’s prayers. Shokracharya says om namah shivay and prays to mahadev. Then he opens his eyes and sees ganesh ji’s panchmukhi avatar. Ganesh says a person can see my avatar only if their mind is clear from evil. Rishi shokracharya says pranam prabhu. Ganesh says rishi shokracharya you should have guided the demons but not cheated with them and supported their iniquity, as much as it is your mistake, even indra dev has done a huge mistake. Ganesh says devraj indra, you kept flowing in this iniquity, when this game of dice turned into gambling you should have stopped then but you put everything at stake, the palace, indrasan, the tree of kashyap and even mata kamdhenu, you dared to put everyone’s mata kamdhenu at stake, you shouldn’t have been so greedy, you are devraj, the king of gods but you were tricked easily. The demons are in pain from the bright light. Ganesh says rishi shokracharya, this is my warning, if the demons do this again and don’t listen, they will be punished, I will show you what can happen. Ganesh shows shokracharya the future where the demons die and shumbh nishumbh ask for forgiveness. Shokracharya says yes prabhu. Ganesh says now the demons shall return everything to us and we will go from here otherwise they will face consequences. Ganesh takes his normal form and the demons get up in anger. Shumbh removes his weapon and says I will kill all of them. Shokracharya stops him and says no stop! Return whatever we took from the gods, give it back to them otherwise destruction will happen. Shumbh stops and he is angry but he gives back everything to ganesh and the gods. Ganesh says gods lets go now. Everyone go. Shokracharya says ganesh ji and kartikeya did not even eat the food, which means ganesh and kartikeya already knew these cheat tricks being played against the gods, that is why they did not accept any food here.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya get back to patal lok where mahadev meditates. Ganesh sees in the river and he sees mata parvati giving him a sign, ganesh sees his vinayaki form in the reflection.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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