Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh and kartikeya go to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with para brahma maha ganpati appearing in front of yamraj and gyarahi. ganpati says wait gyarahi! gyarahi stops and says maha ganpati ji? Prabhu pranam! yamraj does pranam. ganpati says gyarahi you have changed completely and I can sense it, you have been punished for all your sins and have also attained moksh in your eternal mind, you have impressed me. Ganpati says yamraj, gyarahi now doesn’t deserve to go to hell, he deserves to go to heaven, he has turned into a disciple of ganesh. Yamraj says prabhu, it is you who decides everything and does everything, gyarahi you shall go to heaven for what you have become, gyarahi has tears and he does pranam to both ganpati ji and yamraj and says prabhu, it is my luck that I get to go to heaven, you are the kindest god there is

because even after I did so many sins, I have been rewarded to go to heaven. Ganpati says gyarahi, your change made me come here and stop you from being punished more! Ganpati goes. Gyarahi enters heaven and yamraj smiles.
There subodh has tears and he cries, he gets up and says my father finally attained moksh and freedom, and it is all because of you ganesh ji and guru kartikeya ji, I don’t know how to thank you and how much to thank you both because you are the kindest souls in this universe, what you did to my father has made me more than happy and it feels like I don’t need anything in the world now. kartikeya and ganesh smile and they bless subodh. Subodh goes. Ganesh thanks the rishi and says thank you rishivar, for helping us in this journey of a year for gyarahi ji’s salvation. The rishi says prabhu, I should thank you for letting me have the honor. Ganesh says brother, it has been a long time and there even mother is waiting and rishi jageshwar as well, if anything happens to rishi then we all will become a part of a great sin, we have to go now. kartikeya says yes ganesh.
Ganesh says but first we have to go to meet father because he is the solution to all this, if somehow father is allowed back in kashi, then all problems will be solved, rishi jageshwar will die peacefully after meeting mahadev and even mother and father will be reunited, but for that we have to convince father so that raja devodas allows him. kartikeya says lets go and meet mahadev. Kartikeya and ganesh walk through the mountains and ganesh says brother call your peacock mayur ji, he will take us quickly to the maheshwar mountains. Kartikeya calls mayur ji and mayur takes ganesh and kartikeya to the mountain. There mahadev and the tridev are present with all gods. Ganesh and kartikeya come and ganesh says father, gyarahi ji got salvation and now the next we have to do is save rishi jageshwar and also reunite you with mata which is altogether a bigger purpose!
Ganesh says father, you made kashi and it is your home, you allowed everyone in your home and even raja devodas in it! but after he became the king when brahma dev gave raja devodas a blessing, he removed you from your own home! I know raja devodas did not do it on purpose. Kartikeya says when I heard this from mother, I was angry and wanted to punish devodas but mother and ganesh stopped me, but father you and mother have been separated and there is no jagat janni and jagat pita without each other! Rishi jageshwar is also dying and if he isn’t saved before you give him darshan, then we all will be a part of brahma hatya! Father, I and ganesh want to go and convince raja devodas to allow you in kashi so that everything is fine again. mahadev gets angry and says no! no one will get between me and raja devodas, and why should he be blamed? Raja devodas is a dharma adhikari and has always followed dharma, it is also true that for one king to rule a place, another king has to go and thus there can be only one king. Raja devodas had been given a blessing by brahma dev and to keep its decorum and respect, I left kashi so that devodas could begin his duty as the king of kashi! Ganesh says but father, what about your and mother’s separation? Indra dev says yes mahadev, devodas should have been punished but at least he should allow you in kashi. Mahadev says I said it once, no one will come in between me and raja devodas.

Precap: indra dev goes to kashi and summons his Vajra astra and brings clouds over devodas’s palace, he says devodas till today you did what you wanted to, you must be a very good king and follow dharma but you will allow mahadev in kashi at any cost! Indra dev attempts to hurt devodas. Mahadev gets angry and his 3rd eye opens as indra dev becomes a target of mahadev’s anger.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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