Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Parvati goes inside river ganga.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh feeling worried and thinking, please someone guide me, I am worried for my mother as she and father have taken matanki and matank forms, when will mother take her mata kali form? What do I do? Ganesh closes his eyes and para brahma ganpati arrives and says ganesh, I can feel your curiosity and how you are tensed, what happened? Ganesh says para brahma ganpati ji, I am worried for mother, will mahadev and mata leave us forever? Father had told me that mother was in the phase of taking mata kali’s form and for that I should not be worried but happy and I should be calm, I was convince but now they both have taken matank and matanki forms and I don’t know what will happen, how will mother take mata kali’s form? Ganpati says don’t be worried ganesh, mahadev was right, devi parvati is going through her phase and even now, this is a part of that phase, the world entirely is not known of mata kali’s 10 stories and these stories will be recited when devi parvati will take the form of mata kali and show everyone the story of mata kali. Ganpati says you don’t worry ganesh, you have to make a shiv ling out of the green mud of the matanki forms of mahadev and parvati, you and the gods pray to the shiv ling as you do, you will know then what shall happen next. Ganesh says thank you prabhu.
Kartikeya says ganesh, do something, mother and father are sitting there alone, how will we save them? Ganesh says brother, they need no saving, father and mother have taken matank forms for a reason and mother is going to take her mata kali form soon, we have to do as I say to enable that. Gods and kartikeya help ganesh. Ganesh, kartikeya and the gods start making a shiv ling out of the green mud, rishi durvasa and rishi martand put the tilak on the shiv ling and then they start praying to the shiv ling while ganes pours water from a pot on the shiv ling. Everyone pray.
The prayers reach mahadev and parvati who are sitting together in the graveyard. Parvati hears the prayer and sees ganesh puring water on shiv ling, she then recalls herself doing Pooja of shiv ling every day and how soothing it was to pour water on shiv ling. Parvati gets up in her green matanki form and says I shall go and bring water to pour on shiv ling, I will do mahadev’s Pooja too. Parvati goes towards the river ganga. Kartikeya sees and says where did mother go? She was just here now. Kartikeya then sees parvati going to the river ganga and he says why is mother going to the river? Ganesh thinks everything is happening as it should happen. Lord Vishnu says don’t worry kartikeya, parvati is going to take some water. Parvati reaches the river and she sees the water and then says I did not even bring a pot, I will go and bring a pot. Parvati goes back and kartikeya and all gods say why did mata turn back? Where is she going? Parvati goes and brings a pot and comes back to the river. Indra dev says okay so mata was bringing the pot with her. Parvati fills water in the pot but she suddenly sees her reflection in the water and says so it is time! Parvati throws the pot back in the water as it sinks inside. parvati says it is time for me to do as written in destiny. Parvati starts entering the water and she submerges inside the water. Kartikeya gets worried and says ganesh, see mother went inside the water, I have to go and save her. Indra dev says yes kartikeya, even we will come. Ganesh says stop! Everyone wait and kartikeya says but ganesh mother is in danger. Ganesh says no brother she is in no danger, you don’t need to be worried. ganesh says brother, mata is going to take the form of mata kali and everything is happening as it should happen, mother went inside the ganga as she will come out of the water taking the form of mata kali, we should all be calm and patient, we should be happy! Everyone smile.
There bubbles start coming out of the water and suddenly parvati comes out of the water, a very bright light comes out. Then everyone see parvati, parvati is in the form of a devi in a white saree looking very divya. Ganesh thinks which form is this? Mother should have taken the form of mata kali! I am confused. Suddenly the form of parvati disappears and inside the water movement is seen and kartikeya sees parvati inside the water and says ganesh see that.

Precap: as everyone see, parvati comes out of the water taking the form of Ant-kaal mata kali. Mata kali says I am para brahma kali! The universe is inside me. Ganesh says it seems like the whole universe has gone inside mother’s kali form.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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