Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Ravana tells story of brahmachari avatar.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana and ganesh now coming to a lake. Ganesh says lankesh, now that we have finished mahadev’s avatar story till The Sharab avatar, we have to do his Pooja. You are carrying mahadev’s aatma ling and it is necessary that while doing a dharma work, a Pooja of mahadev shall also be done after the recitation of half of his avatars. Ravana and ganesh sit down, ganesh says put the aatma ling down lankesh and start the Pooja. Ravana says yes and is about to put the aatmaling down. Ganesh thinks, now aatma ling will get established here forever. Ravana suddenly recalls what mahadev told him and he holds the aatma ling back and says ganesh ji, even you forgot like I did that the aatma ling should not be put down unless we reach lanka.
Ganesh says oh yes, but how will you tell me the stories? And how will you do the Pooja if your both hands are occupied holding the aatma ling? Ravana says I am Dashanand ravana, my names is not Dashanand for any reason! Ravana then comes in his form of 10 heads and 10 hands. He holds aatma ling in one hand and using the other hands, ravana does the Pooja. 9 heads of ravana say the mantra’s of mahadev while one head recites the story of the other avatar’s of mahadev to ganesh.
Ravana starts with telling the story of mahadev’s Brahmachari avatar. Ravana says, after devi sati killed herself by burning herself alive. Mahadev had become lonely and he had started seeing devi sati everywhere, he was mourning and in deep sorrow! He could not meditate and slowly his hair grew and he turned into Baba mahadev, with bhasma all over him as he was in sorrow.
Ravana says here devi parvati was born, mata adishakti and mahadev can never be separated. Mahadev roamed all over the world in sorrow and devi parvati started meditating and praying to him. she wanted to serve him so she came to Kailash and also went to maeshwari mountains to serve mahadev in the caves. Mahadev couldn’t forget devi sati so he did not look at devi parvati. As parvati one day served mahadev in his cave, kaam dev attacked mahadev with an arrow and was killed, but he did so that mahadev could open his eyes and see parvati. Mahadev still didn’t and he left for Kailash. Devi parvati was sad and then understood that she had to pray and meditated harshly for mahadev to accept her.
Parvati started meditating and praying and for years she meditated under the banyan tree. finally one day, mahadev took the Brahmachari avatar and he came to test devi parvati, he came and insulted himself in front of devi parvati. Devi parvati couldn’t hear the insults of her prabhu and hence she became angry and hurled a stone at the brahmachari. Mahadev was content with the test and he revealed his form. Devi parvati was happy and mahadev accepted devi parvati as her soulmate. He blessed devi parvati with everything that she wanted.
Ravana tells ganesh, this was the purpose of the brahmachari avatar of mahadev, to test devi parvati.

Precap: Ravana tells the story of the next avatar of mahadev to ganesh while they sit and do Pooja of mahadev.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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