Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th July 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 4th July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all sons of prabhu Vishnu starting to attack & fight with mahadev but one by one all sons are killed by mahadev & mothers of sons i.e. sisters are weeping for the same.  They approach prabhu Vishnu & narrate him everything happened & sons killed by mahadev so to encourage Vishnu to fight with mahadev.

Gauri mata sees all this happens.

Vishnu prabhu leaves palace to fight with mahadev. Mahadev & Vishnu face eachother & Vishnu tells mahadev that you have killed all my sons so now you have to fight with me for me to take revenge of their killing. Mahadev accepts but against his wishes from heart. All sisters are confident Vishnu prabhu will defeat mahadev & will become ours forever.

Ravana is talking with ganesh about

the incidences happening between mahadev & Vishnu prabhu because of 5 sisters & talk about ethical thoughts & deeds too.

Before the war starts & attacks from prabhu Vishnu they talk finally about whatever happened before this. Mahadev tries to explain Vishnu prabhu about wrong thoughts & wrong surroundings around him but in vain & Vishnu prabhu stops mahadev by further speaking.

All sisters are seeing happening as per their wishes & are happy to take revenge of their sons deaths.

Mahadev thinks within himself to alert Vishnu prabhu anyhow & starts playing his damru before attack.

Vishnu prabhu goes in past thoughts slowly by the voice of damru. Sisters are confused. Mahadev keeps playing damru. Sisters are praying prabhu Vishnu to not to get attracted towards damru of mahadev & to take revenge of our sons.

Prabhu Vishnu starts blowing mouth shank with simultaneously to stop mahadev’s damru voice.

Mahadev & Vishnu prabhu keep playing with their instruments towards eachother by attacking of sounds of both the instruments against eachother. The sounds echos around the whole world & brahmand empire. All gods are shocked & predict the end of whole world.

Laxmi mata is also confused by hearing the voice of damru. Gauri mata is also confused & predicts that sisters to accept their mistake & free Vishnu prabhu from their clutches.

The sounds goes on echoing & affecting all sisters by their huge voices. They are getting their realization of their mistake by these sounds & saying within themselves that mahadev & Vishnu prabhu are actually same & fighting ownself only & not eachother.


Precap: Vishnu prabhu & Mahadev shoot their weapons towards eachother. Gauri mata advices to sisters to not wait to accept their mistake & free Vishnu prabhu from your clutches.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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