Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gyarahi reaches yamlok.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gyarahi’s hands held by the paash of the yamdut. The boat is then rowed and gyarahi sees in the river water as various dangerous water animals like crocodiles and other animals come near him. gyarahi says no! no! the animals come on gyarahi and then bite him and tear him to pieces, they eat gyarahi’s flesh as he screams in pain and then dies as only his skeletons are left floating on the water.
There ganesh says gyarahi ji died as he was eaten by crocodiles. He will suffer until he crosses the river.
There the yamdut say gyarahi has died, we shall give him life again as he shall suffer until he crosses the river. The yamdut gives gyarahi life and then hold his hands using the paash. Gyarahi says no why did you give me life again? just let me die. Gyarahi

is pulled again by the boat and the boat reaches the banks of the river on the other side but gyarahi is torn to pieces again. the yamdut get down and say where is gyarahi? gyarahi’s skeleton walks on the bank and says don’t give me more pain! Please. The skeleton falls down and dies. Yamdut gives life again to gyarahi and gyarahi says no! he screams in pain and says it feels as if those animals are still eating my flesh, I have so much pain.
There subodh says how much more time will my father be punished? Kartikeya says subodh, it has been only 8 months now, 4 more months are left for gyarahi to reach yamlok.
There in the next land, the yamdut beat gyarahi with hard wood sticks as gyarahi bleeds and cries. He is punished in the land for making old people his slaves and disrespecting them. In the next land, gyarahi is held by the paash of the yamdut’s and then snakes climb on his body and bite him for calling himself god. Gyarahi is then taken to the next land and he is punished for forcing people to do his Pooja and making his statues.
Kartikeya then says now gyarahi will be taken to the last 2 lands to be punished for insulting pratham pujya ganesh! There gyarahi is punished by the yamdut for insulting ganesh ji.
Finally they come to the staircase to yamlok. Gyarahi is held by the paash of yamdut and they say gyarahi now you have completed your punishments in the 16 lands and this is the staircase to yamlok, you have to climb it and reach to yamraj who will then decide whether to put you in hell or heaven. Gyarahi look at the stairs and thinks I suffered so much punishment then I can easily climb these stairs.
There rishi tells subodh, kartikeya and ganesh that it is not easy to climb these stairs to yamlok, in fact this is the toughest obstacle that gyarahi has to cross. Rishi says if gyarahi is really guilty of what he did and he regrets each mistake he did in life then he can easily cross these stairs, but if he is climbing those stairs in hope that his pain will be less once he reaches yamlok then he wont be able to cross those stairs.
The yamdut say go gyarahi. gyarahi starts climbing the stairs and he reaches some steps ahead, suddenly he trips and falls down and is in pain. He gets up and the yamdut say do you really regret your mistakes gyarahi? gyarahi says yes I do, each sin I did makes me regret after death. Gyarahi says I was climbing very fast but I will climb slowly now, gyarahi starts climbing slowly and he then reaches the mid-way but suddenly he trips again and rolls down, he screams in pain and gets up. The yamdut say gyarahi you wont be able to cross these stairs until you have real regret about what you have done. Gyarahi closes his eyes and he remembers the sins he did, then he remembers the time when subodh said father even you take ganesh ji’s name and you will feel all the peace in the world and immense happiness. Gyarahi closes his eyes and he joins his hand and says ganesh ji, I have done many sins in my life, in fact I did only sins in my life, gyarahi starts climbing the stairs and says I have crossed the 16 lands through my punishments and now I think that I don’t deserve anything else but punishments only because my sins are not pardonable! Gyarahi says om gan ganpataye namaha and says ganesh ji, you guide me the way to yamlok, because now I feel only shame on what I did and I feel I deserve what I got here! gyarahi reaches yamlok and yamraj says gyarahi open your eyes. Gyarahi sees yamraj and says yamraj, pranam! gyarahi smiles. Yamraj says gyarahi you did many sins in life and were punished to death as well, after death you have crossed the 16 lands of punishment as well and have successfully reached yamlok, it is my decision now to either send you to hell or heaven. 2 portals each of hell and heaven open. Gyarahi smiles and yamraj, I know I did only sins in my life and I have faced severe punishment as well, but I have realized now that I deserve only punishment because I have done no good in my life. Yamraj says okay then gyarahi, I sentence you to go to hell because you did the biggest crime of calling yourself god! Gyarahi smiles and says okay yamraj, I shall go to hell, my son told me when I was alive that ganesh ji’s bhakti gives everything you need in life, today I took his name and realized the peace that I have felt and the immense happiness by doing his bhakti, I shall go to hell because there as I am punished I shall take the name of ganesh ji only and becomes his disciple, nothing can come over me as ganesh ji’s bhakti will keep me alive. The heaven portal closes. Yamraj says I am amazed to see a spirit for the first time so happy to be sent to hell, otherwise all who were punished to hell have cried! Gyarahi smiles, as he walks towards the hell portal, a voice come and says wait gyarahi!

Precap: ganesh says to mahadev, father you allowed raja devodas in your home kashi! But he made you leave kashi, if I convince him to allow you again then you and mother will be reunited again. mahadev says no one will come between what happened in between me and devodas.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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