Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd July 2019 Written Episode Update

Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd July 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The epidose starts with mahadev in disguise of buffalo  is inside the palace front of sons of Vishnu prabhu. The sons start the fight with their powers to use against buffalo attacking using internal, bow & arraoy, swords etc. to stop him from going near prabhu Vishnu.

Ganesh explains about the fight to ravana & mushakji & the outcome of this fight.

The sons are attacking the buffalo & taking him with them within their powers clutched towards door from the passage.Vishnu prabhui is getting feeling of someone arriving. Sisters are talking with prabhu Vishnu.

Suddenly door opens & Vishnu prabhu sees buffalo coming inside the room of palace where Vishnu prabhu situated, with sons clutches. Sisters are confused & mahadev in disguise of buffalo is surprised

seeing woman’s around prabhu Vishnu. Sons explain to sisters about how he has brought here by us in our clutches. They tell them this buffalo can’t empower us but mahadev used this plan to go near prabhu Vishnu. Mahadev is surprised hearing all this talks within them & getting confused that Vishnu has forgotten everything & can’t remember me too?

Sisters are angry with this to bring buffalo here as they were scared about this only.Mahadev by his powers releases his clutches & Vishnu tells him to come in your original status.

Mahadev chants mantra & immerges in his original form. All are surprised & shocked.Vishnu prabhu sees mahadev remembers him & says “shiv”. Mahadev chants mantra & talks with vishnu prabhu & tells him to remind him.Sisters are scared & shocked & Vishnu prabhu tells mahadev that he remembers him & praises about his present status but says that still he is unknown about you. Mahadev is shocked hearing this but sisters & sons are happy.Vishnu prabhu pleads sorry with mahadev due to wrongly handling you by my sons. He is also honored by mahadev’s presence here & will be given all kind of proper hospitality & if wish to continue his travel ahead then my sons will help & give him full guidance with all respects. Mahadev falls in confusion that Vishnu prabhu has still not remembered him. Vishnu prabhu orders his sons to respect mahadev & give him proper hospitality here & takes permission by mahadev to go to his room.

Ganesh is talking with ravana & mushakji.

Sisters plead mahadev & honour him. They tell about story & their relations with prabhu Vishnu now.They tell him that they all rights on prabhu Vishnu & nobody including you can take him away from us as he is our childrens father too so you better take a leave from here.Mahadev keeps quite & immerges Gauri devi by his powers. All sisters are stunned & bend down in front of devi to plead. Devi tells them he won’t interfere & tell me so I will interact with mahadev.

Gauri devi starts blaming sisters & what kind injustice is happening with Laxmi devi because of you.Your deeds are shameless & still you have time to repent for it. Sons interfere for help to their mothers but mahadev gets annoyed strongly & sons are scared.Gauri devi intimates that war might take turn on this.

All sisters get too stubborn & reply to devi that you & mahadev can’t take away our prabhu Vishnu from us because mahadev tried this earlier but he was clutched by our sons so you also can try if at all war happens we are not afraid. Gauri devi gets terrible angry & curses them & challenges them against their sons.  All sister accept the challenge.

Ganesh continues chatting story about this with ravana.

All sons get ready to fight with mahadev in disguise of buffalo. They prepare their army too. They are encouraging buffalo’s anger by their talks.Buffalo reciprocates with internal strong powers to empower all of them. The whole army is destroyed & only sons are left alone. Sisters are happy seeing this.Sons get ready to shoot their powers.

Precap: Vishnu prabhu gets annoyed by the war. Mahadev kills sons of Vishnu & Vishnu prabhu comes in front of mahadev to challenge war with him & mahadev accepts challenge against wishes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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