Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Mata mahakali fights tarkasura.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 3rd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with tarkasura saying how is this possible? Atyasura is alive? Kartikeya says tarkasura you wont understand it, when you were busy hurting the ashta gaj to create an imbalance on earth, I prayed to rishi vishwakarma. In flashback, kartikeya summons vishwakarma who appears. Kartikeya asks vishwakarma to use his powers and create a duplicate of atyasura so that atyasura is safe and tarkasura can be fooled when the time comes. This way vishwakarma creates a duplicate of atyasura and kartiekya ensures the safety of atyasura.
Tarkasura gets very angry. Kartikeya says now the sun has set tarkasura and it is dark and according to the rules of war, everyone shall rest now. kartikeya says I shall give you another night to live, till then think of your defeat. Tarkasura says angrily, I shall come tomorrow morning and kill you all because you are no match for me, this is my promise. Kartikeya goes. Tarkasura is angry.
The next day, kartikeya stands with the entire army waiting for tarkasura to show up for the battle. Indra dev says tarkasura promised yesterday but he himself hasn’t come yet. In a few minutes, tarkasura comes. Kartikeya says tarkasura come on, fight us and end this war. Tarkasura says yesterday I thought about it and now I have decided I will fight only a very great and strong warrior because I am myself a great warrior and I don’t deserve to fight you weak gods. Tarkasura says I shall choose my opponent and it shall be veer bhadra and this mata mahakali, they are great warriors as I have seen them fight.
Mata mahakali says tarkasura, you will suffer fighting me and veer bhadra ji. Mata mahakali comes ahead with her sword and shield. Tarkasura removes his sword and they both start fighting. Mata kali fiercely hits tarkasura with her sword, tarkasura defends himself with his sword. He attacks kali with the sword, while mata kali defends herself with her shield. Veer bhadra gets angry.
Tarkasura then attacks with his sword again, mata kali throws tarkasura down and throws away his sword. Tarkasura gets up, mata kali throws her sword and shield away and jumps on tarkasura and kicks him down, she then punches his face and beats a huge blow on tarkasura’s stomach, tarkasura spills out blood and falls down. Mata kali comes towards kartikeya and the army. tarkasura gets up all fine and says see, I told you no one can kill me! even this mahakali cannot. Tarkasura laughs and says I am alright, after all maha kali is a woman and she could not kill me because i am invincible. Veer bhadra gets angry and he gets down to kill tarkasura. Veer bhadra takes his gadha and tarkasura and veer bhadra fight with their gadha’s. the gadha’s clash and sparks fall as loud bangs are produced from the clash. Veer bhadra fights and throws away tarkasura’s gadha, tarkasura defends himself from veer bhadra’s punch. Veer bhadra screams in anger and his resonating sound waves go all over the universe. Veer bhadra then punches and kicks tarkasura as tarkasura falls down, veer bhadra hits the gadha on tarkasura’s stomach. Tarkasura gets injured as he bleeds again, veer bhadra then pins tarkasura down using his leg and pulls the jaw and teeth of tarkasura out using his hands. Veer bhadra screams in anger. Tarkasura bleeds as he lies down on ground fainted. Veer bhadra comes back. again tarkasura gets up fine and says I am alright again! tarkasura laughs.
Kartikeya says you shall fight me now tarkasura, your end is near.

Precap: tarkasura and kartikeya have a fierce duel as kartikeya is about to kill tarkasura. Tarkasura is out of tricks.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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