Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev goes to kaam dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling the story.
Parvati keeps serving mahadev and as she washes her legs, parvati says I promised that I would not disturb mahadev at all so I shall keep serving him here.
Atyasura is flying with what powers he has left to tarkasura’s palace. Some soldiers see and say what kind of bird is that? it looks like a demon. Atyasura flies and reaches tarkasura’s palace and he falls down injured and in pain.
Gunesh says as atyasura reached tarkasura’s palace, here the gods were getting weaker. Raja devodas says weaker? Why? what had happened? Gunesh says tarkasura had done a yagya and he made it compulsory for his name and mantra om tarkasuray namaha! To be said while doing yagya’s and pooja’s, so the rishi’s and whoever did any yagya had

to say this mantra, this way the result of the yagya and the powers went to tarkasura and what the gods should have received was given to tarkasura! The gods thus became weak day by day. They went to brahma dev for help in their weak health.
The gods go to brahma dev and say prabhu, mata and mahadev have to be brought together and married soon otherwise because of tarkasura we all will be killed. Brahma dev is shocked to see the condition of gods. Indra dev says to the gods, I have one solution, kaam dev.
Raja devodas says why kaam dev? Wouldn’t it be wrong to use kaam dev’s power? Gunehs says prabhu Vishnu and brahma dev knew that soon mata parvati and mahadev will be married, so they knew being patient will be better but the gods and indra dev were losing their powers and indra dev wanted his powers back, so he took immediate steps without telling anyone.
Indra dev tells the gods, I will tell kaam dev to go and make mahadev more attracted towards devi parvati, this way they will marry soon and devi parvati will kill tarkasura. Vayu dev says we should ask brahma dev. Indra dev says if we tell this to brahma dev, he wont let us do this. Vayu dev says then why should we do what brahma dev wont agree to? Indra dev says because vayu dev, look at us gods including you? our powers have gone because of tarkasura, if mata and mahadev don’t marry soon then we will die. Indra dev says I will tell kaam dev.
There kaam dev is in his lok. Kaam dev’s wife devi rati is resting under a tree and she has a dream, she sees mahadev’s 3rd eye open and kill kaam dev. Devi rati wakes up worried and she calls kaam dev, she tries finding him and sees kaam dev with a bow and arrow. Kaam dev shoots the arrow above the sky above rati’s head, flowers start falling on her. Kaam dev comes and hugs devi rati and says my love! Devi rati says I was so worried, I had a bad dream about you and then I woke up. Kaam dev says devi rati, don’t worry, in this world everything is because of us as everything gets love because of us. Kaam dev then dances with devi rati and wears her some jewelry. There devraj indra comes on his elephant and calls kaam dev. Kaam dev goes to indra dev with devi rati and says what happened devraj?
Indra dev says kaam dev, the world is about to end and you are kaam dev. Where your love and attraction is needed, there you are not present, why? I want you to put attraction for mata parvati in mahadev’s mind and heart. Kaam dev is shocked and says mahadev? I am kaam dev but I cannot misuse my powers, I cannot affect mahadev’s feelings.

Precap: indra dev emotionally blackmails kaam dev and says kaam dev I thought we were good friends but now it is your time to prove your friendship and save our lives.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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