Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Markande prays to mahadev.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 31st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with markande praying to mahadev. He says prabhu today I will pray and show you my bhakti, I will serve my parents and I shall not die today. Markande prays. There 2 yamdoot come to take the soul of markande. The yamdoot use their paash to take the soul of markande, they are thrown behind by a divya power. Both yamdoot say, this boy doesn’t look like a normal kid, he seems to be having divya mayavi powers. Yamdoot try again but they are thrown behind. Yamdoot say, we should go back to yamlok and tell yamraj about this.
Both the yamdoot go to yamlok. Chitragupta says yamdoot, where is the soul of rishi markande? Why didn’t you bring him? it is written in this text, today markande’s life has to be taken. Yamdoot say chitragupta ji, we couldn’t bring his soul. Yamraj listens and says angrily, how couldn’t you both bring his soul? Yamdoot get scared and say maharaj, that kid is divya and mayavi, he has powers, his powers stopped our paash from even touching him. yamraj says you fools, mata bhairavi gave me you 2 yamdoot for help but you couldn’t even bring the souls of that young rishi. Chitragupta says maharaj, that is why I told you that whenever it is a rishi’s life, you go and take it. Yamraj says chitragupta ji, I have told you many times before, if I go to take the life of all rishi’s every time then who will take care of yam lok? Yamraj says but it seems now I have to go and bring the soul of that young kid, he must be thinking himself too smart.
There parvati says to mahadev, mahadev your disciple is praying to you, you should protect him, give him what he deserves. There yamraj goes and sees markande and says you kid, enough of whatever you are doing, your life belongs to patal lok now. Markande is praying. Markande gets up and then says pranam yam dev, I did not realize you were here. Yamraj blesses markande. Then he stops and thinks what did I do? I blessed him instead of taking his soul. Yamraj says I understand what you are doing, you are trying to take my blessing and live your life, but that wont happen, I will take your soul today. Markande smiles and says yam dev, I am not doing anything like that, I am just praying to my prabhu mahadev, my bhakti towards him will save my life from your paash too. markande continues praying. Yamraj says how dare you insult me? you don’t know I am yamraj, the god of death, mata bhairavi has appointed me as god of death and even she cannot stop me from doing my work, if someone has to die then even brahma dev cannot stop me, my paash is more powerful than any weapon and it will take your life. markande continues to pray to mahadev. Yamraj says you think mahadev will save you? Mahadev cannot stop me from taking your life, tridev and tridevi have established the rules and even they cannot oppose them.
Yamraj then gets angry and he attacks his paash on markande to take his soul. Markande sees behind and he hugs the shiv ling and says mahadev save my life, save your disciple. The paash holds markande. Yamraj says how is my paash being destroyed? The paash gets destroyed and yamraj is shocked. Parvati gets angry and says how dare yamraj come between a god and his disciple? Parvati’s eyes become red and she starts doing tandav. Mahadev sees parvati and both combine into their half forms together.

Precap: parvati and mahadev save markande and say yamraj how dare you touch my disciple? Yamraj is shocked and scared.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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