Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi mrikendu prays to mahadev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying mata what happened after yamraj became the god of death? Mata kali says the balance between life and death was maintained, a person would die after his decided years of living were over. Ganesh says then wasn’t there anyone who could live forever? Mata kali says no, there was no one, except rishi markande, he is the only being in the universe who can never die and can live forever, yamdev cannot take his life. rishi markande does pranam to mata kali. Ganesh says why so mata?
Mata kali says the story of rishi markande.
In flashback, markande’s parents, rishi mrikendu and maurgmati are in their house. Maurgmati and mrikendu say we have everything but not a child, they both decide to pray to mata parvati and mahadev. They both sit and start praying for years to mahadev and parvati. One day, parvati hears the prayers and she understands the troubles of mrikendu and maurgmati. Parvati goes to mahadev and says swami, haven’t you heard the prayers of mrikendu and maurgmati? Mahadev says yes uma, I have heard them. Parvati says swami, we should give them our darshan, they both are our disciples and deserve our darshan. Mahadev says but devi I have to test mrikendu. Parvati says mrikendu has been praying for many years and they both just need a child, they deserve our darshan. Mahadev smiles.
There as mrikendu prays to mahadev, both parvati and mahadev appear. Mrikendu opens his eyes and is happy, he does pranam. Mahadev says son, I am impressed from your prayers, ask what you want from me. mrikendu says prabhu, I have everything that is required to live as a family but we don’t have a child, prabhu please bless me and my wife with a son. mahadev says mrikendu, I will bless you with many children who may live up to a 100 years but they wont be tejasvi and wont be intelligent but I can bless you with only 1 son who will be very tejasvi, intelligent and generous but will live only up to 16 years. Mrikendu is shocked, he says prabhu, we want a son who is tejasvi, intelligent and would live a normal life like any other child for whatever age he may live. Mahadev smiles and he and parvati say tathastu.
Mrikendu goes home and after some months his wife maurgmati has a son. he is very tejasvi and intelligent and so devrishi narad himself comes. maurgmati and mrikendu do pranam. Rishi narad holds the child and he says very beautiful, I name him markande! Mrikendu says markande! What a beautiful name!
Like this for years, markande becomes a good son and with his intelligence he teaches children younger than him, he serves his parents and becomes a disciple of mahadev and parvati just like his parents. Markande goes for his meditation and rishi mrikendu and maurgmati wait for their son to return home. Everyday they sit at the gate of their house waiting for their son. one day narad muni comes and says rishi mrikendu, don’t wait for your son. mrikendu says why devrishi narad? Narad says maybe you forgot, but recall what mahadev had said, he would grant you a tejasvi, intelligent son but that child could live only up to 16 years. Both mrikendu and maurgmati are shocked and they say tomorrow is our son’s birth day, tomorrow he will be 16 years old, which means he will die. Both cry. Devrishi goes back. Markande hears this before entering the house, he gets angry and goes. He says I wont die at my 16th year, I will live with my parents and serve them until the end of their lives and mine. Markande goes to the temple of mahadev and he starts praying to the shiv ling. The next day, the day of markande’s death comes.
At yamraj’s lok, chitragupt tells yam dev, maharaj, today is the death of markande, the son of mrikendu and maurgmati. Yamraj tells his yamdoot’s to go and take the life of markande and bring his soul in patal lok.

Precap: markande prays and yamdoot tell yamraj, prabhu we went to bring markande’s soul but we couldn’t touch him. yamraj himself goes to bring markande’s soul and says you cheap kid, you dare stand against the yamraj.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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