Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th December 2019 Written Episode Update – Manikantha clears problems of gurudev’s son

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata paravati explaining ganesh & rashmiprabha about all students were ready to leave after acquiring teaching so manikantha was making him ready with dakshina for gurudev & all his friends praise his dakshina. Manikantha talks with guru telling to accept my dakshina so guru tells him i do not want any kind of dakshina which is for world to get impressed but I will accept your’s because of you my son was always happy so manikantha prays but asks that I am also confused where your son is so guru tells him since he understood you’ll be leaving so he has locked himself in house then manikantha takes permission to meet him & he meets & explains him how gurudev taught us of meditation so you too meditate & take name of “om” so he tries & forces him to keep saying & he finally says & gets happy so manikantha keeps teaching more & more words & keeps saying all words so he is very happy praying manikantha while mahadev is glad seeing this. Guru’s son is praising manikantha while he is telling him to see everybody but he tells him I can’t see so he again tells him to meditate & manikantha tells him to see towards me & he shows his form while the boy keeps chanting ayappa,ayappa,ayappa while maheshi is shocked & gets confused. Ganesh also asks mata why he uttered ayappa so she explains about first he saw mahadev then Vishnu so his word came as ayappa.
The boy is chanting mantra telling manikantha to sit in front of me & as he keeps chanting all are shocked while his father guru comes running to see what he is doing. Mahadev is also chanting the same mantra & the boy is doing Pooja of manikantha while mahadev announces as swami shrnamayappa.
Manikantha blesses him & the boy introduces his father as he is my guru swami ayappa & all praise him including his father. Maheshi is feeling she will be facing big trouble & is getting scared of mantra’s being chanted.
Maheshi is shouting this is plan of gods but can’t defeat me & praises herself laughing & saying gods will repent for this & will get punished by me.
Dev rishi is saying this evil woman is feeling her end has come now.
Manikantha blesses the boy & promises him that all will know me by the name you have given to me “Ayappa”. Guru also praise manikantha while he applauds guru so guru tells him I will take you to your mahal.
All are praising & welcoming manikantha near his palace with drums beats & music shouting rajkumar ayappa jai. Ayappa is watching all his family eg. Father,mother,brother & etc. Gurudev explains to call your son as ayappa as he has given my son voice & eyes so as you had told he is mahadev’s avatar itself. Mantri is seeing this & makes his evil thoughts as his small brother tries to go & meet him running but mantri makes him fall down & he shouts falling so all look towards him as mantri says look at him also as he can’t resist to meet his brother. Ayappa hugs him emotionally while all his family hug each other. While all are happy seeing this but mantri is planning evil.

Precap: Mata parvati explains that evil mantri was instigating maharani against manikantha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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