Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Parvati’s son gets his purpose.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati waking up. Shani dev thinks what have I done? He closes his eyes. Parvati sees her son and a man and says who is that who is looking at my son in the night? Who has come in the palace? Parvati gets up and looks at Chandra dev, Chandra dev puts light on parvati’s bangle and she shines it on the face of shani dev. Parvati sees shani dev and is shocked, she says shani dev you? shani dev looks down at the feet of parvati and says forgive me devi. Son goes to parvati. Parvati is angry and says shani dev how dare you look at my son with your eye sight? Shani dev says devi, that Chandra dev. Chandra dev goes away and hides behind clouds. Parvati sees Chandra dev and says he is not here, how could you look at my son? Shani dev is scared from parvati’s anger and says I should run from here. shani dev starts running out of the palace. Parvati screams shani dev!
Shani dev is walking quickly towards his crow near the mountains. Parvati takes the form of durga sitting on the lion. Shani dev walks faster and then looks behind, he sees parvati in the form of mata durga. Shani dev is scared and says devi parvati ha staken the form of mata durga. Shani dev starts walking faster. Son looks at the terrifying form of his mother as durga. Durga rides on lion behind shani dev. Shani dev now walks and then durga attacks her trishul on shani dev, his leg is hit by the trishul and the bone inside breaks. The planet Saturn has cracks. Durga then looks angrily at shani dev , son is scared and looks at his mother. Durga looks at son and sees him also looking at shani dev, durga thinks my son’s soft heart is scared after looking at my terrifying form, durga takes back the form of parvati. Parvati goes to her son and says don’t be scared son, it is your mother only, it is me. Parvati says no one will do anything to you, I will protect you. parvati hugs her son as he smiles. Parvati looks at shani dev and thinks I assured my son that he will be safe but I am myself scared as shani dev has seen my son.
There lord Vishnu, nandi and everyone play music instruments as a woman dances. One of lord shankar’s disguised soldier sings a song as everyone play their instruments. Lord Vishnu plays tabla. A woman dances and gajasur and the demons enjoy the song. In the end of song, lord Vishnu plays the tabla with his talent and plays it very well. Gajasur is impressed. Lord Vishnu ends the song. They all get up. Gajasur gets up and says I am impressed from your talent, lord Vishnu smiles. Gajasur says ask whatever you want from me, I will give you anything you ask for and I promise it. Lord Vishnu points at gajasur, gajasur thinks of his necklace and is removing but lord Vishnu says I want prabhu shankar who is in your stomach now. gajasur is shocked. lord Vishnu and everyone else come back to their normal form and lord Vishnu becomes huge in his Vishnu form. Gajasur is shocked and says Vishnu! All the gods do pranam to Vishnu. Lord Vishnu becomes normal size and says gajasur give me bhole nath. Gajasur says no loudly, he says for years I prayed and then got bhole nath in my stomach, I will not give him back and you cannot take him back from me, if you can then try. Lord Vishnu says gajasur uphold your promise, give me bhole nath as you promised, this is your last chance. Nandi gets very angry. Gajasur says go away from here, I will not give him back. lord Vishnu says you have lost your once chance gajasur. Lord Vishnu says nandi, remember bhole nath is in gajsur’s stomach so control your speed. Nandi says yes and takes the form of bull. As nandi is angry, gajasur says come and hit me. Nandi runs towards gajasur, he dodges and laughs. nandi runs again and then hits his horns on gajasur’s waist. Gajasur is pushed back but he laughs. nandi hits again and gajasur stands and says see nothing happened to me, as long as I have mahadev in my stomach nothing will happen to me. Lord Vishnu blesses nandi and gives him more power. Nandi now runs faster and hits the waist of gajasur, gajssur’s bones crack and gajasur falls down on the steps. The shiv ling shines and comes out of gajasur’s stomach.
There parvati is with her son in her room and son says mother until you are with me, nothing will happen to me. Parvati hugs her son. Then son gets up, the clouds thunder. The sun comes back and the darkness is gone. Son points towards the sun and says see mother. Parvati gets up and sees and says my swami is coming back as the brightness has come back. parvati remembers laxmi telling her to bath with the chandan paste and wait for lord Shankar. Parvati says I shall go for my bath but nandi is not here to protect the palace gate, whom shall I call? Parvati looks at her son and says no I cannot leave my son alone. Parvati comes to her son and says I am going to find my friends to protect the palace while I go for a bath. Son says mother why do you go to them when I am here? I will protect the palace gates until you finish bathing. Parvati thinks my son is divya but I should give him powers.
There lord Shankar comes out of gajasur’s stomach and stands tall. Everyone does pranam, the ties of all gods break and they say pranam mahadev. Gajasur and all the demons do pranam, demons throw their weapons and kneel down. Gajasur says mahadev, the karma I have done doesn’t give me the right to ask for a wish but please give me only one wish more, i want to stay with you even after I die, let me stay with you forever mahadev and let my name be connected to your name. lord Shankar says gajasur even though you have done bad karma you were my disciple so I will fulfill your wish. Lord Shankar says tahastu and says I will wear gajasur’s gajak with me always. Gajasur dies. Lord Vishnu says mahadev, it is time for you to go back to Kailash to devi parvati. Lord Shankar says parvati!

Precap: parvati says to her son to not let anyone enter the palace. Son says yes. As son protects the palace, lord Shankar comes with everyone with nandi and rest too. Son says stop there everyone, I will not let anyone enter the palace. One soldier says if you don’t then I will attack you. son picks his stick and says till I protect this gate no one will enter inside.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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