Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Pipladh flies to shani dev’s planet.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and ravana walking in the desert. Ravana says ganesh ji, after pipladh was born, prabhu was kept under the peepal tree by mata Annapurna. For years to come, the peepal tree took care of prabhu pipladh and he grew up to be a young boy.
Indra dev is trapped by vridhasura’s darkness cloud. The gods say the weapon has to be made quickly as vridhasura has gulped the mangal planet and is also pulling in the earth itself. Indra dev says vridhasura, once the Vajra made from rishi dadichi’s skeleton will be ready, I shall destroy you. Shani dev watches and says vridhasura, you shall be punished for your adharma. Shani dev comes in the way of earth and puts his vision on vridhasura. Shani dev gets pulled in too. Ravana says shani dev’s purpose to be gulped by vridhasura was so that he could lay his vision stare on vridhasura.
There rishi vishwakarma with the gods, makes the Vajra astra. Indra dev holds his hand and waits for vajras astra to come. Indra dev then holds the Vajra astra and gathers all lightning, he attacks on vridhasura. Vridhasura gets attacked by the lightning and he screams in pain as vridhasura bursts into ashes and is killed. The whole universe is saved.
Pipladh grows up and is meditating one day. Parvati and all gan watch pipladh with mesmerized eyes and love. Pipladh holds a falling tree branch, the wooden branch is held by pipladh which becomes his weapon similar looking to mahadev’s trishul. Narad muni appears. Pipladh gets up and says narad ji? Narad muni says how resonating and beautiful is your voice saying the name of mahadev and Om! Prabhu I have come to get your darshan. Pipladh says rishi, I don’t even know my name. narad muni says prabhu pipladh. Pipladh says his name and says I am pipladh? Pipladh is happy and he says devrishi, please tell me what is my purpose? Who am I? Why was I born alone, who are my parents? Narad muni is sad but he says pipladh, I know your story.
Pipladh says devrishi, please tell me, I want to know what my purpose is and who my parents are?! Narad muni says pipladh, you were born to Rishi dadichi and devi suvarna, but rishi dadichi sacrificed himself to save the universe and for the gods as a formidable weapon, the Vajra astra was needed to kill a demon vridhasura who was about to destroy the universe. Narad muni tells all story how shani dev used his stare on rishi dadichi, how devi suvarna died in the sorrow of her husband’s sacrifice as she was also forced to leave pipladh alone. Narad muni tells the entire story how mata Annapurna took care of pipladh and the peepal tree.
Pipladh has tears and he cries and says why were my parents taken from me? Pipladh then goes to the ashram where rishi dadichi and devi suvarna lived and where he was born. Pipladh sees the soul of his mother and he cries. He then touches the sandals of his father rishi dadichi! Pipladh cries and then gets up. Narad muni thinks what have I done?! Pipladh says shani dev, you have done injustice with me. I shall not leave you, I will punish you.
Shani dev hears the voice of a kid saying, you have done injustice with me. Shani dev says who is it? Why would I do any injustice? I am karma fal data shani, mahadev himself made me the god of karma. Shani dev says injustice happened with me, when my mother was taken away from me, my father did injustice with me, I wanted a father too but I don’t even have that. Shani dev says I live in this palace with no happiness, but I always do my duty with all responsibility.
Pipladh says shani dev, you did injustice with me. You took away my parents from me, you made me an orphan, why only me? Why couldn’t I have the love of a father and a mother? My father, being a very great rishi, even then shani dev you lay your vision on him. Pipladh says but now I shall give the punishment of your karma to you shani dev, I will give the karma fal shani dev deserves! Pipladh runs with his weapon, as he runs earth shivers!
Pipladh jumps on a mountain and says shani dev, I am coming. Pipladh jumps and flies into the universe.

Precap: Pipladh is flying to shani dev’s planet, shani dev summons the surya mandal to stop the kid blaming him for nothing.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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