Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Rishi durvasa stops the gods.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 30th April 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya going to all gods, tridev and everyone to give the invitations for holi. They give invitations and come back.
Next day morning it is color holi festival of play. There all gods get ready with their wives and sit on their chariots, they all head towards kailash flying in their chariots. As they all are happy and laugh and talk, they come near rishi durvasa’s meditating place and all of them stop their chariots together. There they see rishi durvasa meditating on ground. Indra dev says we cannot go through here, rishi durvasa is a very short tempered man and if he gets disturbed by the slightest sound, he will curse us all and escaping his anger is not possible. Agni dev says but devraj, there is no other way to kailash, we have to go from here only. Vayu dev and suryadev say yes agni dev is right. Indra dev says we have to reach kailash on time otherwise mahadev and mata parvati will feel insulted. Indra dev says what do we do?
Devi sachi and other wives of gods say but what if we go from here slowly? If by chance, rishi gets disturbed then we will ask for forgiveness and maybe he may leave us because we did not do anything on purpose. Indra dev says no devi sachi, no one can escape rishi’s anger, he has cursed mahadev’s gan too. all devi are shocked. Suryadev says even mahadev himself was cursed by rishi durvasa. Sachi is shocked and says how is this possible? How can rishi curse mahadev himself? Indra dev tells the story.
In flashback, when mata parvati and mahadev were getting married years ago, then mahadev and all men were in the palace as the women were in another place. All gan were dancing in front of mahadev as all gods and tridev sit with mahadev. The gan were enjoying. Rishi durvasa and his mother anusuya enter the palace and narad muni is at the gate. Narad muni thinks rishi durvasa has come, he has no control on his anger and who knows if he gets angry from any thing? He will spoil the celebrations. Narad muni goes and says rishi durvasa you here? Rishi says what do you mean I am here? Cant I be here? I have come for mata parvati and mahadev’s marriage. Narad thinks how do I keep rishi away from this marriage and tell him by not insulting him or making him angry? Mata anusuya then says narad muni are you worried that my son durvasa may get angry at something and curse anyone? Narad muni smiles and mata anusuya says don’t worry devrishi, durvasa has promised me that he will control his anger and not curse anyone today. Narad muni says okay mata and trust her, nandi takes mata to all women’s place and shakti gan takes rishi to meet mahadev where the gan are dancing. Rishi comes in and all gan are dancing. He goes walking towards mahadev but gets pushed as all gan are dancing and are not aware of rishi going to mahadev. Rishi says wait let me go but the dance and celebrations are loud so no one hears. As rishi goes, he gets pushed amidst all dance and singing, rishi loses his temper and says loudly enough! Stop this. Everyone stop and gan are scared. Rishi says you are insulting a rishi, I will not bear this, you gan are pushing me and falling over me, I curse you all that when the side of mata parvati will see you gan, they will lose their temper. All gan are shocked and all gods get up shocked. Rishi then says and mahadev, you kept seeing this and did not do anything, I curse you too, in this form of yours you will never marry mata parvati. All gods are shocked. Narad muni comes and says see I knew it rishi durvasa, that is why I doubted you, you got angry for this small thing as everyone was having fun. Narad muni says I new something will happen and you are so short tempered you cursed the great mahadev too, this day when he is getting married. Rishi soon regrets and says what have I done? Narad says you had promised mata anusuya but you broke it rishi, you have insulted her. Rishi says what have I done? I broke my promise given to my mother. Rishi says mahadev forgive me, I have done a wrong thing today. Lord Vishnu smiles and says everything has happened as written in destiny, this had to happen so that today mahadev will marry mata parvati in his divya manohar form.
There indra dev says so this happened and rishi can be angry anytime. Suryadev says I have an idea, we shall get down from out chariots on ground and lets go very silently walking without any noise. Everyone agree and all gods and devi get down and start walking very slowly and silently. Rishi’s hand shakes as he hears some noise. Indra dev says stop, don’t make noise, rishi may get up. Everyone stop and rishi meditates again. Then everyone continue going ahead. Suddenly rishi opens his eyes and says stop everyone. Everyone is scared and they stop. Rishi gets up and looks at everyone and indra dev and all gods and devi join their hands. Devi sachi says rishi we did not mean to disturb you, please forgive us, please don’t curse us. Indra dev says yes rishi, we were just going to kailash as today mahadev, mata parvati, kartikeya and ganesh have arranged the color holi and all have been invited, if we had gone from chariot the sound would disturb you so we were going slowly walking, please don’t curse us rishi. Rishi’s anger calms down and he says kailash? You all are going to my mata parvati’s house for festival holi? Rishi smiles and says go everyone, I allow you to go. everyone is happy and they all go from their chariots. Rishi sits back for meditation.

Precap: rishi goes to kailash for holi celebration. He gets angry and curses mahadev and parvati. Mata kali’s 10 stories are recited.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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