Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2018 Written Episode Update: Gyarahi goes on a punishment journey of 16 lands.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The yamdut continue what happens next and they say now that gyarahi has been pulled into the portal, he will travel through the 16 lands with his body of salvation where in all the lands, he shall be punished one by one in all the lands for the sins he has done in his entire life. In each land, the sinner shall be punished such way that their body hurts such that even the soul tremors with pain from the inside, after all these punishments are done through the 16 lands the sinner then comes in front of Yamraj! Yamraj then decides whether to put the person in hell or heaven, if there are still any sins left even after so many punishments then the sinner is put in hell and if his punishment is over and with some good deeds, the person is put to heaven. The yamdut say prabhu, now we have to go as

gyarahi must be reaching the first land. Ganesh says how much time will it take for gyarahi ji to reach yamlok? The yamdut say it is a journey of 384 days prabhu, the yamdut do pranam and go.
Ganesh says brother, I had promised mother I would soon come back after gyarahi ji got moksh but it will take 384 days, what do we do now? even rishi jageshwar is there almost dying!
Ganesh sits and says we have to stay here until gyarahi ji reaches yamlok. The pind daan continues. Ganesh closes his eyes to see gyarahi through his divya drishti. Ganesh sees and says gyarahi ji has reached a land. There gyarahi falls down on huge pricks and sharp rocks, these rocks enter gyarahi’s body and he screams in immense pain. The yamdut come and say get up now, we have to go ahead. Gyarahi says my body is in pain, please forgive me, please. Gyarahi then comes ahead and his body burns from the inside due to immense heat, he says please forgive me, I am thirsty. There the rishi says subodh do pind daan as because of your pind daan your father’s journey shall be a bit easy. Subodh does pind daan and gyarahi gets food and water in his stomach, he says my thirst and hunger are gone but my pain, it increases, gyarahi screams. The yamdut then lift gyarahi and throw him inside a lake of very hot water, gyarahi’s body burns and he screams.
Next they reach the yamvyapura, the yamdut come and gyarahi screams in pain and cries. The yamdut says here those are punished who have insulted their parents in their life. The yamdut remove their whips and gyarahi says no, I never insulted my parents please leave me. Ganesh says it is no use of lying gyarahi ji, the yamdut know everything. the yamdut beat gyarahi with their whips as he cries and screams in pain. Gyarahi says yes I insulted my parents when I was young, please lave me. The yamdut take gyarahi to the next land and say it is the land of the dragon king. Gyarahi is fallen down and huge dragon appears before him and say you have killed many innocent people in your life gyarahi, rishi’s and other innocent people. The dragon breathes fire on gyarahi as his body burns and he says leave me, please. Gyarahi screams and says why did I do so many sins? Gyarahi then falls in the next land where the yamdut beat him and then wolves come near gyarahi and start eating his flesh. Gyarahi screams in pain. In the next land, the yamdut shoot arrows on gyarahi’s body as he screams in pain. Gyarahi screams in pain and then dies. The yamdut give life to gyarahi and his body burns again due to immense heat. The yamdut take gyarahi to the next land and there he is beaten with gadha for bringing troubles in Pooja of gods! In the next land, gyarahi is attacked by huge boulders and rocks for trying to kill his own son and other children in his kingdom, in the next land gyarahi is laid down on burning coals for insulting god and trying to fight and kill them!
In the next land, gyarahi comes to vaitarni river! The yamdut say you have to cross this river. A man comes with a boat and the yamdut climb on it, gyarahi is about to climb but he is kicked by the man behind and he says for you to come on this boat, you should have done some good deeds in life. The man allows a Brahmin on the boat and then the man says this Brahmin did good deeds in life so he will be taken across this river by mother cow as he holds her tail, a cow appears and she takes the Brahmin across the river. Gyarahi says how do I come then? The yamdut hold gyarahi using their paash and say you will be pulled from inside the water of this river using the boat.
Ganesh says this land will be more tough because that river contains various water beings who will attack and cut gyarahi ji’s flesh, if gyarahi ji dies here then he will have to start his journey again, he has to cross the river in one go.

Precap: gyarahi reaches the last land where yamdut torture him and say now this is the last land gyarahi, after this you will reach to yamlok in front of yamraj.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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