Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura kill atyasura.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya and coming back on the surface to continue fighting the battle. Maha kali kills tripani using her paash, she throws him down and then puts his unstoppable spear into his stomach killing him. veer bhadra gets angry and stronger. Athak is shocked as his gadha doesn’t work on pulling the powers of veer bhadra. Veer bhadra starts punching athak’s stomach with increasing speed, athak vomits blood and veer bhadra punches very hard and rips apart athak killing him. the gods start getting back their power as athak is killed, the sun rises again and god army becomes very strong as they kill demon soldiers with all might.
Indra dev says the commander demons are dead and tarkasura’s army has been reduced, hail kartikeya! Everyone say kartikeya ki jai! Kartikeya then says where is atyasura? indra dev says yes, where is he? Suryadev says even tarkasura is not here dev senapati kartikeya. Kartikeya says where did tarkasura go?
There tarkasura goes from below the earth to attack the mythological structure of elephants that holds the earth in position. Tarkasura lands down on 8 elephants that stand on a huge turtle holding the earth in position. Tarkasura stands on the elephant ashta gaj which controls the balance of earth. Tarkasura says kartikeya now save this earth. Tarkasura uses his spear and hits ashta gaj three times injuring the elephant.
Kartikeya and the gods stand and suddenly everything starts to shake. huge holes in the ground are created, and the god armies and all gods and kartikeya fall down deep in the holes as they keep falling beneath.
Ganesh says tarkasura injured ashta gaj thus creating an imbalance in earth.
Atyasura sees kartikeya and everyone falling in the holes, he says even kartikeya ji fell inside. Kartikeya and the gods hold onto some rocks and they fly back on the surface. Mata mahakali and veer bhadra then use their paash and throw it inside the holes, they hold the entire god army and pull them all back outside. Tarkasura comes and says kartikeya, you all are safe but you still have failed. Tarkasura holds atyasura and says atyasura is with me. Everyone is shocked. Tarkasura takes his dagger and lands a cut on atyasura, everyone is shocked. Tarkasura then cuts the throat of atyasura killing him. everyone is sad. Tarkasura laughs and says kartikeya, now according to your promise burn yourself and kill yourself, commit suicide. All gods are sad and say kartikeya ji, no!
Tarkasura says what happened kartikeya? My demons will set the effigy. The demons come and put logs for burning. Kartikeya walks towards the effigy as veer bhadra says no kartikeya, I will kill this demon. Kartikeya walks and says tarkasura you are right, I have already fulfilled my promise, atyasura is not dead. Everyone is surprised. Tarkasura says what are you saying? I killed him, don’t play games and set yourself on fire. Kartikeya calls atyasura, atyasura comes out from amongst the god soldiers, everyone is happy as atyasura is fine and alive. Tarkasura says no! tarkasura commands his remaining army as theyt gather behind him.
Kartikeya says tarkasura now I shall kill you, you can no more fight us.

Precap: kartikeya and tarkasura start fighting each other. Veer bhadra and maha kali kill the demon soldiers as the battle is about to end.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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