Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahadev comes to stop Mata kali.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with mata kali screaming I want blood, I want flesh and blood. Mata chandmari stands in front of her and kali says you took my food away from me, you interfered in between, now you will become my food. Mata chandmari stands with her hands joined. Ganesh says I have to save devi chandmari and stop mata. Ganesh goes and says wait mata! Kali stops her trishul and says why have you come in between? Ganesh tells devi chandmari to go. chandmari goes. ganesh says mata I am your son ganesh, please calm down, please listen to me otherwise your anger can destroy this universe. Kartikeya says mata will listen to ganesh. Mata kali gets angrier and says who are you? I don’t know any ganesh, I will kill anyone who comes in front of me, I will drink their blood and eat their flesh. Kali aims the trishul on ganesh. Everyone is worried. Kartikeya comes on mayur ji and saves ganesh. Kali says where did he go?
Indra dev says ganesh ji! Come back here safely. Kartikeya says ganesh why did you go there? Mata’s anger is at her peak and now she wont listen to anyone, she did not even listen to you. Ganesh says you are right brother. Ganesh and kartikeya go to the gods. Mata kali looks at the hill and sees all gods standing there. Suryadev says indra dev, because of your voice mata kali got attracted here and she has seen us all, she will come and kill us for blood. Indra dev says you are right suryadev. Mata kali says who all are there? I will kill everyone and drink the blood to quench my thirst for blood. Mata kali comes towards the mountain. Suryadev says all gods, lets run and save ourselves, mata will kill us otherwise. Indra dev, suryadev, vayudev, agnidev and varun dev run as mata kali follows them. Ganesh then hears the sound of a huge demon army approaching, he says mama shree Vishnu and uncle brahma dev, I know how to save the gods, if they are not saved then mata will kill them. Ganesh says a huge demon army is coming here, I will save the gods.
Ganesh goes on mushak ji to the gods and says indra dev and all dev gan come behind me in this direction. Indra dev says but ganesh ji, it will take us closer to mata kali. Varun dev says ganesh ji is suggesting this, then it can be safe, we should go devraj. All gods follow ganesh and go near mata kali. Then ganesh and the gods hide behind some rocks and mata kali searches them. Suddenly the huge demon army appears with their commander Khechar.
Khechar comes and mata kali looks at the demon army with anger. Khechar makes a tornado and stands as tall as mata kali and says woman, I have been sent by king shumbh to take you captive, I will take you from here. Khechar says attack to his soldiers as they charge. Mata kali says I am hungry and thirsty for blood and flesh, I will kill you all and quench my thirst and hunger by your blood and flesh. Mata kali starts eating all the demons and drinking their blood. Khechar is shocked to see this and says this devi is so furious and dangerous. Mata kali starts killing all demons by eating them. Ganesh takes the gods back to the hill. Lord Vishnu says only mahadev can stop devi kali, in sometime these demons will be dead, if mahadev doesn’t come then devi kali’s anger will be even more and her power will destroy the universe. Ganesh says I will go with rishi markande and brother kartikeya to wake up father. ganesh, kartikeya and markande go.
Mata kali kills all demons and screams and says I want more blood. Kali finally eats khechar and drinks his blood.
There ganesh says rishi markande only you can wake up father. kartikeya says yes, you are a true disciple of father and your prayers will wake him up which wont even anger him. rishi says okay and he, ganesh, kartikeya and nandi say the prayer of mahadev to wake him up. As they pray, there mata kali screams and her sound reaches the entire universe creating natural disasters. Mahadev opens his eyes and is angry. Ganesh says is father angry on us?
There mata kali is heading to kill the yogini’s and says I will drink everyone’s blood. The yogini’s say to devi kaushaki to save their lives.
Suddenly mahadev appears and says uma, calm down my love. Mata kali sees mahadev and she makes her size normal. Then she looks at yogini’s and says I will kill everyone. Mahadev thinks only one way is there to stop her.
As mata kali walks, mahadev lies down on ground and mata kali steps one leg on his body. They give a golden shine and everyone does pranam.

Precap: Shumbh and nishumbh come with their entire army. The sky becomes red. Kartikeya says these demons have used their mayavi powers and turned the sky red.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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