Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd April 2021 Written Episode Update – Pundalik’s attention diverts getting attracted towards women.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 2nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pundalik completes Roopmati’s wish by tying jewellery with his hands on her neck while all praise him but his nephew who was with him sent by his uncle wonders how come he became soft towards a woman who was so much deep in devotional path while Shri Krishna is shocked watching all this.
Pushpadant asks Ganeshji that was this time for change in behaviour of Pundalik but he tells him that this was his time of test in his life.
Pundalik is lifted by all people & his friends who praise & instigate him towards woman while Pundalik keeps watching Roopmati’s beauty while Roopamti praises herself saying that nobody can be spared getting attracted by my beauty.
Pundalik is taken towards his house praising & instigating him towards woman’s while he is watching all women & appreciating their beauty getting attracted towards them on his path.
Rukmini asks Shri Krishna what has happened due to which he has become restless & he expresses about his devotee who might be losing his devotional path towards him due to attraction.
Pundalik’s nephew reaches to his house before him while his parent’s ask him what has happened to him or is he hurt but nephew is thinking how should he tell them the truth while Pundalik arrives getting praised by his friends & his parents go out to see him & his mother was excited to ask him about the incidence but his friends praise telling about him to his mother who saved a woman & he is now lost in her but his father realizes about Prabhu’s intimation to him that at one time Pundalik will lose himself getting attracted hence this has to be stopped by him hence his father shouts everybody & they leave. Pundalik argues that why did you shout my friends as they were only praising me but his mother shouts him for back answering father due to such friends who instigate to do wrong things in life & he leaves inside.
Pundalik’s brother who had come to leave his son to get teaching from Pundalik thinks that I thought he is great devotee which I had heard but here I am seeing something else hence I feel I shouldn’t keep him & he tells Pundalik’s father that I can’t keep my son here but his son tells his father he want to stay here as you had only brought me here to teach from brother Pundalik & I know he’ll come back in his actual path & he allows him.
Pundalik’s parents wonder praying Shri Krishna to bring their son on right path while Pundalik is talking with his Prabhu about what all happened with him & describing about Roopmati.
Rukmini asks Shri Krishna will his devotee come on the right path & he explains her that his soul will give him the answer to come on or no the right path because his friends are trying to divert his attention.
Pundalik discusses his matter with his Prabhu while his parent’s are wondering is Pundalik realizing his mistake or no but he is slowly realizing that he mustn’t had spoken wrongly with his father hence he goes to plead his parents while his father forgives him for mistake accepted then its ought to get forgiveness.
Pundalik is again instigated by his friends & again he gets attracted remembering about Roopmati.
Pundalik & his nephew sleep besides each other while his nephew tells him that tomorrow we have to get up early to bring flowers for Pooja.
Pundalik & his nephew are leaving to bring flowers but Pundalik’s friends come to pick him showing beautiful women’s plucking flowers but he is trying to stop them then too they deliberately take him. Pundalik’s nephew gets annoyed by his friends but he plucks flowers & goes to give to Pundlaik’s parents while Pundlik gets attracted towards a woman who is plucking flowers while his friends are enjoying his disturbance of devotion.
Pundalik’s parents are waiting for their son to arrive with flowers while his nephew comes with flowers but they get bugged. Pundalik tries touching the woman but she blushes & leaves flowing her dupatta on his body while he realizes he has to take flowers & runs with flowers along with the dupatta but his parents wonder whose dupatta might be & Pundalik falls in confusion.

Precap: Pundalik is arguing with his father asking that why can’t he lead my life independently. Pundalik is asking his Prabhu why he kept him away from this beautiful life but now not. Ganeshji tells that Pundalik opened doors of wrong path in his life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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