Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Atyasura wakes up after 16 years.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gunesh telling the story of mata parvati.
There as parvati grows up she becomes a 16 year old teenager. Raja himavan and devi maina discuss about the marriage of parvati. All the gods are worried as parvati has to marry mahadev, the gods go to brahmadev and say brahma dev, mata parvatis, the form of adishakti has to marry mahadev only but raja himavan doesn’t know that, do something. Brahma dev says dev gan, don’t worry, everything shall happen as written as mahadev is for adishakti and adishakti is for mahadev, no one can separate them.
Narad muni goes in the palace of raja himavan and devi maina. Raja himavan welcomes narad muni and they all sit. Narad muni says raja himavan, you are about to search a groom for your daughter parvati. I would give you

a suggestion, you rather go to menak mountains where a very divya rishi lives(mahadev) in the mountains who meditates all his life, he is a baba more divya than anyone and getting his darshan proves grateful for anyone. There you will find the right husband for parvati. Raja himavan says as you say devrishi narad, I will take your suggestion and take parvati to meet the baba in menak mountains.
The gods say to brahma dev, the problem is now solved. Mata parvati will meet mahadev in menak mountains and then they both will marry again and be together.
There raja himavan walks to the menak mountains with parvati. Parvati says father, I feel like the baba we are meeting is someone very holy. Raja himavan says yes daughter, even devrishi narad said so. Raja himavan and parvati walk ahead. There deep in the snow, the demon atyasura lies down for 16 years. As parvati and raja himavan cross him, parvati’s drapes touch the body of atyasura and as parvati and raja himavan walk ahead, atyasura wakes up. Atyasura wakes up in very weak form and remembers how he fell down there severely injured 16 years ago. Atyasura says I am very weak now but still have some powers left, I have to go to tarkasura and tell him parvati has turned 16 years old.
Raja devodas says atyasura? That demon woke up after 16 years? Gunesh says yes atyasura was very weak. Kartikeya says after so many years, he still had some power left so he gathered them all to fly to tarkasura’s palace and tell him about mata parvati.
There atyasura uses all powers he has left and he turns into a demon bird and flies.
Mata parvati and raja himavan reach menak mountains. Mahadev smiles as he feels adishakti’s form is coming near him.

Precap: parvati comes near mahadev. Mahadev opens his eyes and sees parvati and says sati?!

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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