Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Durga kills durgamasura.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 29th March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with adishakti killing durgamasura with her trishul, she thrusts the trishul in durgamasura’s throat. Durgamasura does not die and wakes up again and he says devi I told you, a woman who has not blinked her eyes for years can only kill me. No one else can kill me, not even you! durgamasura laughs. adishakti is angry and says you evil demon, did you think evil can live so easily without any consequence? Everyone has to pay for their sins and even you will. Ganesh smiles. Adishakti says I shall take my new avatar, the avatar of Devi Vishalakshi.
Adishakti says vishalakashi hasn’t blinked her eyes for years because she sat in the temple in kashi looking above at mahadev and waiting for lord shiva to come to kashi and take her back with him, so now I stand in front of

you as your death demon. Ganesh says mother is right, mata vishalakshi has not blinked her eyes for years. Adishakti says look at me durgamasura, I have taken the durga form and I am in front of you. durgamasura is scared. Durgamasura runs to attack adishakti but she throws him away. Durgamasura says all my weapons will tear you apart in various parts. Adishakti summons her yogini devi’s avatar and all of them devour all the hands of durgamasuraand all his weapons.
Durgamasura thinks they devoured all my hands and weapons. Durgamasura removes a spear and says you cannot kill me, he runs to kill adishakti. Adishakti stops durgamasura and throws away his spear, she throws durgamasura on the ground and her lion stops durgamasura from getting up. Adishakti stands and keeps one leg on durgamasura thus keeping him pinned down on the ground. Adishakti takes her divya durga form and puts the trishul inside the chest of durgamasura. Durga then takes vishalakshi avatar and her anger starts increasing as the world torments from adishakti’s anger. The gods get scared and say please calm down mata, calm down! Listen to our prayers and calm down. Ganesh says to calm down mother, we have to take her own name because mother is now in the form of Mata Durga. Ganesh starts singing the prayer song for mata durga. Mata durga listens to the prayers of ganesh and all gods, her anger calms down and she smiles. Everyone say hail mata durga! Jai mata durga! Mata durga tells yamraj to stop and not come ahead, yamraj says why mata? Durga says yamdev, he was following adharma before dying and how harsh words he said but now he is quiet as he has died, so durgamasura will attain salvation as I kill him. mata durga finally kills durgamasura as durgamasura says Jai maa durga for the last time.
All gods rejoice and say hail mata durga. Mata durga says any innocent and even the smallest living being in this universe may ever come across such a difficulty, if they pray and do my Pooja then I shall free my devotees of their problems. Durga says this form of mine shall stay in Kashi from now, and those who pray to me, I shall free them of all their problems and troubles.

Precap: A celebration and grand feast is arranged in Kailash. Ganesh is worried of a new problem arising in Kailash. A demon travels on a chariot while on his way from Kailash.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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