Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Lord vishnu pushes gayasura into the earth.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with adishakti saying that the gods started praying to lord Vishnu. In flashback, gods pray to lord Vishnu and lord Vishnu appears. The gods go. lord Vishnu says gayasura my disciple.. gayasura is happy and has tears, he says my prabhu. Lord Vishnu says gayasura, the blessing that I had given you has caused imbalance in the world of life and death and those who don’t deserve moksh have also got freedom by touching you, for that I need you to merge into the earth. Gayasura says my prabhu, you are my god and being your disciple it is my dharma to listen to anything you say, I will merge inside the earth as you wish for the greater good. Lord Vishnu says ask any blessing gayasura. Gayasura says prabhu, I just want one wish, till now anybody touched me and attained salvation

but from now when I merge into the earth, only those will attain freedom who have suffered their karma and they will get freedom only when their pind daan is done here and give me the wish that as I merge into this earth you always stay in my heart and until this universe lives! Lord Vishnu does tathastu and he keeps his leg on gayasura and pushes him inside the earth, and says from now this place shall be known as gaya!
Adishakti says ganesh and kartikeya, this way gayarahi’s freedom can be achieved as his son shall do his pind daan. Ganesh says okay mata. Rishi jageshwar then says mahadev! Mahadev! I ant mahadev’s darshan. Ganesh says mata, what do we do about rishi jageshwar? If some solution is not brought to this problem then we all will be a part of brahma hatya and will take that sin. Kartikeya says lets take rishi out of the temple and first deal with gyarahi’s problem. Adishakti says yes sons, you have to be quick otherwise rishi jageshwar will die.
Outside gyarahi says first ganesh ji and kartikeya came here, they went in the temple and came out and went somewhere very hurried, then they came back and went inside and now they are coming here with an old rishi. Ganesh and kartikeya come out and keep rishi jageshwar on a rock lying with its support. Gyarahi says prabhu, does this rishi know how I shall get salvation? Ganesh says no gyarahi, he is rishi jageshwar and if he doesn’t get mahadev’s darshan before he dies then father will take the sin of brahma hatya! So we have to deal with that problem first, I know you have waited long but please wait for some time more. Gyarahi gets annoyed and says why do I wait? I have been waiting since so much time, first they told to come to kashi, nothing happened, then even at ganga river nothing happened, even at that lake of mahadev’s shivling, nothing happened and even here nothing happened. Kartikeya says why are you being rude? We know where to go, you will get salvation at gaya where subodh will have to do your pind daan. Gyarahi says then lets go to gaya. Kartikeya says first rishi jageshwar’s problem had to be solved. Gyarahi says how much do I have to suffer? You all don’t care about my suffering, at least the rishi is alive, but now enough I will kill this rishi, if he is not alive then there wont be any of his problems. Kartikeya removes his spear and says stop! Ganesh says what are you doing gyarahi ji? If you even hurt rishi jageshwar, you will be the participant of mahadev’s anger and you know mahadev’s anger’s fire can turn you to dust, you will never get freedom. Gyarahi stops and says I am sorry, I was annoyed and angry. Rishi jageshwar says prabhu ganesh ji, first deal with this ghost’s salvation then with my problem, I will live more because mahadev wont let his disciples die like this, nothing is going to happen to me anytime soon now! ganesh says okay rishi, we will give gyarahi ji freedom at gaya first!
Everyone go to gaya. As they reach in gaya, they see many ghosts and spirits there and gyarahi says this is the right place, there are many ghosts like me wanting salvation here. ganesh, kartikeya, subodh, gyarahi and mushak ji sit with a rishi. Ganesh says rishi, we want this ghost of gyarahi get freedom and salvation, the rishi says we will start here with all rituals now. the rishi puts on fire and says first the son of this ghost has to do his pind daan and after that by rituals the ghost will get freedom and in after life he gets transformed into another body. Gyarahi says then why do I need salvation? Rather transform me directly into a new body. The rishi says no it doesn’t work like that, you will reach vaikunth as you are freed from all life, sins and everything you ever did but it depends on how many sins you have done in your life, only on the basis of that you get moksh. Subodh thinks father has done many sins in his life.

Precap: gyarahi is attacked by two soldiers. The soldiers use their blue paash on gyarahi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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