Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update – Shri Ganeshji saves all women’s from Narkasoor’s torture.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Bhudevi is praying her Prabhu to stop their son Narkasoor from doing all these evil deeds in which he is crossing his limits but he tells her he had already intimated her he has felt evil feelings in his behaviour which might take place due to wrong surrounded company but if handled him in time then might be he’ll be saved.

Mata Kamyaksha says his evil deeds will come to end stage when he can be killed while Ganeshji thinks what Mata wished to intimate him & Mushak informs Ganeshji that Narkasoor is about to do some big evil deed.

Narkasoor’s senapati brings entire beautiful women’s from around the world & informs Narkasoor about it while he feels very delighted but Bhudevi comes to warn him saying to leave all of them immediately or hence he’ll face death like Ravan due to his cruelty towards women but he ignores her saying he has achieved this power on his own so he cannot be killed so easily & I am going to marry all of them hence also orders his evil women guards to make all the women’s ready to marry him.

Mata Paravati informs Ganeshji all women’s has to be saved from this cruel evil while he assures her he’ll free all these women’s from his torture.

An evil women guard holding hunter is warning all women’s to get ready for marrying Narkasoor or will face punishment but they say they will die but won’t allow this evil to marry with them forcefully & the evil women guard is about to use her hunter but a power holds it hence she gets confused shouting who it is & a bright light is arriving who is none other than Shri Ganeshji who makes all those evil women guards unconscious & the entire crowd of women’s praise Shri Ganeshji.

All the women’s are complaining Shri Ganeshji about Narkasoor’s torture & asking for help to save them & he says he knows about it hence they have to pray to Prabhu Shri Krishna & Devi Satyabhama for help & they can only help them to kill this evil & they begin their prayers for them.

Prabhu Narayan is feeling intuition of all those women’s praying while Devi Satyabhama is sleeping gets up watching him & asks him in what kind of thoughts he is but then she blames him saying she knows he is remembering Devi Rukmini wherever he is inspite she is married to him then too she he can’t forget remembering her & by mistake she touches her feet to his hands & immediately pleads him for doing such a mistake but Prabhu calms her explaining she didn’t do deliberately so not to panic but they both will be getting opportunity to go & help people in this world in form of him as Shri Krishna & she as Devi Satyabhama.

Bhudevi is trying to explain Narkasoor how evil things he is doing which should be stopped & Shri Ganeshji has also sent him message by saving all those women’s & he says did he but laughs saying a mother of such a great achiever should not get scared with such simple hurdles then too she is trying to keep explaining him again & again saying Mata Kamyaksha had given signal to them about Prabhu Shri Krishna who will be an ultimate killer of him but he tells her he too has a very big powerful people with him for his help who will come on his one call so let Shri Krishna come or whoever & orders all his supporters to emerge intimating them to arrange all their army to make ready for future planning of battle while Bhudevi watching this is feeling scared about his son’s life. Narkasoor’s senapati asks him how to tackle Prabhu Mahadev & he says he has given that task to Banasoor.

Banasoor is meditating Prabhu Mahadev’s Kund on a mountain performing his powerful attempt to move a huge stone for allowing water to flow on the Kund smoothly which impresses Prabhu Mahadev while watching this Mata Paravati becomes wild in her form of Mata Kaali.

Precap: Narkasoor informs Banasoor that Prabhu Mahadev’s support will have to achieved & he says very soon Prabhu Mahadev’s help will be achieved & Shri Ganeshji along with his team will also be with them. Shri Ganeshji along with all his team are clutched by powers of Banasoor’s meditation while Mata Paravati also sees Prabhu Mahadev isn’t on his seat & becomes wild converting herself into Mata Kaali.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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