Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Ganesh reaches durgamasura’s lok.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh tarvelling with the diya on mushak ji’s back. Ganesh tells chayasura to guide him to the lok of durgamasura, chayasura says okay and ganesh follows him. as they go ahead, the lok of durgamasura comes and ganesh lands there. Chayasura says ganesh ji, there are many demons guiarding this lok and the entire palace of durgamasura, so to enter and reach durgamasura and the devi of ved, you have to go through the kitchen of the palace, a demon holds a dagger which has the secret to saving the devi of ved and defeating durgamasura. If you get that dagger, then you will know it. Chayasura says this is all I can help you! ganesh says okay chayasura, you can go. chayasura thanks ganesh and goes.
Ganesh goes with mushak ji and he becomes very small in size. Ganesh says mushak ji, this way we will be safe and no one will notice us, durgamasura wont know and we will take the dagger from the demons in the kitchen. Ganesh goes with mushak ji and he enters the kitchen, in very small size form. ganesh says mushak ji, we have to find the demon first. There are many demons drinking alcohol and dancing. Ganesh says be careful mushak ji, don’t get stomped under the demon’s legs.
All gods watch and indra dev says how will ganesh ji cross these demons? He has reduced his size and these demons are drinking and dancing. Gods say we are worried.
Ganesh there dodges as the demons dance and he moves away from their legs and steps. Mushak ji says prabhu, we have to be quick otherwise a demon will stamp us for sure. As mushak runs, a demon cat spots him and starts running behind him. mushak runs and says save me prabhu, he goes far away. Ganehs then comes near a demon cooking food. Durgamasura comes and says to all demons, you fools that ganesh has entered my lok and you are enjoying and dancing here, have you seen him? all demons say no maharaj. Ganesh climbs on near the waist of a demon to take the dagger and he then stands at the handle, the demon is about to put the handle inside the huge pot of curry. Ganesh stops and thinks, now this demon will see me, I will be exposed and my plan will fail. What do I do? Ganesh then jumps from the handle and he goes near the dagger at the waist. Ganesh gets down. durgamasura goes. ganesh says I cannot easily take that dagger sword, I have to create a distraction. Ganesh sees a plate filled with some food items, he thinks of a plan and goes and slowly pulls the plate such that it falls down. a distraction is caused and all demons say how did that fall down? who threw the food down? as the demons go around here and there, ganesh slowly goes and in that movement he takes the dagger sword and goes to mushak ji.
Ganesh saves mushak ji from the demon cat and they both climb near a hill at the lok. Ganesh holds the dagger sword and smiles.

Precap: ganesh goes with mushak ji to save the devi of ved. Mata adishakti is about to come to kill durgamasura.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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