Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura sends his 2nd wave of soldiers.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya’s army defeating the first wave of demons sent by tarkasura. Tarkasura is angry and he says babuk, you could not kill atyasura but now my 2nd attack will be more dangerous and this time my demons, I want you all to destroy their battle strategy and positions and I want atyasura dead first! Mata mahakali and veer bhadra stand opposite sides of the gods army covering them kartikeya uses his plan and tells the god soldiers with bow and arrow to create a circular cover around the entire army and stand in layers above the ground army with their bows and arrows. The soldiers do as said and create a defense of bow and arrow above the ground units! Tarkasura is shocked by looking at this strategy.
Tarkasura’s demon commander comes forward and says maharaj,

we have our soldiers and I will kill atyasura. indra dev uses his vajra astra and attacks lightining on the shields held by the god soldiers, indra dev transfers lightning powers into the shields of the god soldiers, indra dev says I have put my vidyut powers into the shields, you demons wont be able to come through our defense. Kartikeya says very good devraj, now our defense is ready.
The commander of demons is ready. The demon soldiers 2nd wave charges, indra dev attacks with his vajra astra and kills many demons. The demon commander katira comes ahead and uses his gadha and shield, and he starts pulling the lightning power from the shields of god soldiers. Everyone is shocked. Katira says you did not know about my powers right? I will take the powers from all you gods and destroy you. katira orders the demons to fly above and shoot arrows on the bow and arrow soldiers of god army. The demon soldiers fly and start shooting arrows. Katira pulls the lightning power from the shields and demon soldiers run ahead to break the defense of shields. Indra dev uses vajra and attacks lightning, katira says I will kill you first devraj. Katira reverses the attack and takes the lightning and throws indra dev down. varun dev says I wont let you harm indra dev. Varun dev attacks while katira pulls power from indra dev’s vajra astra. Varun dev attacks uses his weapon and holds the gadha of katira, varun dev starts pulling back katira’s gadha. Babuk says varun dev you forgot that I am here too, babuk attacks his spear and puts katira’s gadha down, varun dev’s attack fails. Varun dev says my attack failed!
The gadha falls down, katira says I will take it and take all powers of the rest of you gods. Indra dev says I wont let you take the gadha. Indra dev and katira run towards the gadha, indra dev pushes katira away. Katira gets up and fights indra dev, indra dev kicks katira down. katira picks up the gadha and pushes indra dev away. Suryadev attacks the demon soldiers and agni dev kuber and vayu dev start killing demon soldiers. Katira attacks suryadev and starts pulling his urja power. Suryadev says dev senapati kartikeya, katira is taking my urja shakti, the world will become dull as the sun will turn dark as my power goes. suryadev’s power is pulled slowly as the universe turns dark, because of suryadev’s urja shakti absent, the god army falls weak. The defense shield of gods is broken and demon soldiers attack the middle order of god soldiers. Kartikeya says because of suryadev’s urja shakti absent, our soldiers are getting weak.

Precap: Mata mahakali kills katira by pinning him down under her leg. Tarkasura gets under the ground and makes a hole near atyasura, he comes out and lands a cut on atyasura’s stomach.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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