Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update: A baby is born from darkness.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th December 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati saying why was ganesh so worried while he was going? Mahadev says parvati don’t be so worried, ganesh is your son, he was worried for his mother because already there have been so many difficulties, uma he will come back again, don’t worry. Mahadev goes. Parvati says swami is right, I will now prepare something for swami and give him a surprise, when ganesh will come back, we will be together. Parvati goes inside excited.
Ganesh is going with parshuram on mushak. Ganesh thinks I am worried for mother and father, I hope nothing bad happens. Ganesh and parshuram travel and parshuram sees go lok which shines and says see ganesh go lok is there. Mushak heads towards go lok. All of them land in go lok and parshuram is mesmerized by the beauty of go lok. There are beautiful peacocks, cows and milk rivers flowing in go lok, with many animals, beautiful flowers and trees and white clouds. Ganesh says this is the beauty of go lok.
There parvati has prepared the surprise in kitchen. She says mahadev is so peacefully meditating, I will bring him inside now. Parvati goes and brings mahadev inside the palace. Parvati then says swami sit here and I have a surprise for you. Mahadev sits and smiles. Parvati says for this you have to close your eyes, maahdev says wait uma. Parvati closes his eyes with her hands. Suddenly the world becomes full of darkness and the light goes from everywhere. In heaven, indra dev says what happened? Everything has become dark, which new trouble has come now? Lord Vishnu says what happened is not right, a trouble has arisen. Saraswati says prabhu how did brahma lok become dark? Brahma dev says this darkness has been caused because the light which gives brightness to the universe comes from mahadev’s eyes and devi parvati closed his eyes. Ganesh and parshuram look at the darkness, ganesh says how did this happen?
There parvati is worried and see everything is dark, she sees in front of her a cloud of darkness. Parvati is worried and opens mahadev’s eyes. A baby is born from the darkness. Mahadev says what have you done uma? Mahadev gets up and looks at the child and says this baby has been born after my eyes closed from all the darkness. Parvati says whatever he is? It is a baby and someone has to take care of it. Parvati goes near the baby and is surrounded by darkness, mahadev stops her and puts a divya cloth over the baby’s eyes to stop it from looking everywhere. Mahadev says uma, this baby is the complete opposite of me, whomever he will see, that person will drown in darkness, he was born from darkness. Parvati says prabhu we have to do something for him, who will look after him? Mahadev listens to hiranyaksh praying to him and says I will give this baby to hiranyaksh, he will take care of him, hiranyaksh will teach the baby something good of life and make him good. Mahadev says this baby can be given to a person who has been praying for a baby and it will be given to hiranyaksh.
There ganesh and parshuram go inside the palace and see Krishna and radha. Ganesh says pranam paramavatar shri krishan and param devi radha! I am honored to meet you finally and get your holy darshan. Krishna smiles. Parshuram says prabhu, I have finally met you and it has been possible only because of shri ganesh! If I hadn’t come to Kailash and encountered with ganesh ji! Then probably no one other than him would bring me here. Krishna and radha bless both ganesh and parshuram. Radha and Krishna then bless parshuram to wash away his sins, parshuram says wow it feels so pure and so holy full of light. Krishna says tamso ma jyotir gamaya, meaning bring me from darkness to brightness. Krishna says parshuram a person who has lost his way can be removed from darkness to brightness but a person who is born in it, even god cannot help him. Ganesh thinks what was the darkness that I saw?

Precap: parvati says what do I do to make amends swami? Mahadev says nothing can be done, you have to leave Kailash. Parvati has tears. Ganesh comes and says mother where are you?

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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