Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh fights demon durbuddhi.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh going to parvati and he says mother I came as you were doing Pooja, so I came to take blessings. Parvati gives ganesh blessing and ganesh takes a red flower from it.
There devi lata and her husband prepare for ganesh’s Pooja. Lata goes and throws away the flowers as they become impure for the Pooja. The porcupine demon sees and says now I will destroy this Pooja. As the rishi makes statue for ganesh, he says what is happening? Why are there so many problems while doing ganesh ji’s Pooja? Lata says don’t worry swami, we will do everything will all bhakti and I have laadoo and fruits as well, we will put that for ganesh ji’s Pooja. The demon comes flying as a mosquito and destroys the fruits and goes.
Ganesh goes to mahadev and he asks and takes an apple from mahadev’s fruit plate and goes.
Devi lata sees as the Brahmin makes ganesh ji’s statue. Lata is shocked to see the destroyed fruits and she cries. The Brahmin says don’t cry devi, lata says swami whatever we are doing is bringing problems for ganesh ji’s Pooja. Lata says doesn’t ganesh ji want us to pray for him? what do we do now? everything is destroyed. The demon says I will destroy the statue as well. The demon goes as a mosquito and crawls over ganesh’s statue, the statue shines golden and ganesh appears, he uses trunk and throws away the mosquito demon, Durbuddhi who falls down away and gets angry. Ganesh says why are you crying brahman dev and mata? Lata and her husband get up and do pranam as they are amazed and say prabhu we are not able to do your Pooja as all ingredients got destroyed and we don’t know why? ganesh says I have brought the ingredients myself. Ganesh shows the fruits and flowers and says I came myself so that you do my Pooja. Devi lata and brahman is happy and they start doing the Pooja. They pray and ganesh says I will let nothing happen to my disciples. Durbuddhi sees and says so he is ganesh the son of mahadev! I will kill him and all his discples. Durbuddhi goes towards the disciples. Ganesh sees and says so now I know what is happening here, this demon is troubling my disciples. The Brahmin and his wife pray to ganesh. Ganesh removes a clone form from his body and says until I accept my Pooja from my disciples, I will protect them from my other from. Ganesh’s other form goes and kicks durbuddhi and says how dare you come near my disciples? Durbuddhi goes flying and says ganesh is so powerful he kicked me so far. The warrior form of ganesh goes to fight durbuddhi. Durbuddhi says you wont live ganesh. Ganesh says you are such a coward demon, you attack from behind, fight me here. durbuddhi says ganesh that was just my plan to get you here, I created troubles for your disciples and then you appeared here! shumbh and his entire army was killed by devi kaushaki, I am fighting for the same reason and I will have my victory over the gods but first I will kill you. ganesh gets angry and says shumbh was destroyed and killed, all demons died but you were saved, so much happened and the lesson was that no evil can withstand dharma but still you dare to think of spreading your evil in this universe.
Durbuddhi uses his pikes and attacks on ganesh. Ganesh creates a shield around him and then all pikes are destroyed and thrown away. Ganesh gets up and says you evil demon, I am giving you a chance to change. Durbuddhi says I will give you a chance to save yourself. Ganesh gets affected by bhom’s anger and he says I will kill you.

Precap: ganesh gets angry and starts pulling brahma dev from his trunk.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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