Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Shani dev is eager to meet Ganesh.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati calling her son. Son comes flying down from a tree. parvati smiles and her friends of kaliash dham smile looking at her son. She hugs her son. Parvati then writes a letter on a leaf inviting all the goddesses to see her divya son. She then leaves the letter which flies to all the goddesses. All the goddesses read and are happy to see parvati’s son, they read and start getting ready to go to Kailash dham.
At the palace of neela devi, she is getting ready looking in the mirror, the women help her wear her jewelry and make up.
There lord Vishnu is asked for help by nandi and other followers of lord Shankar. One follower says we should go and talk to gajasur and tell him to free our lord, nandi says are you mad? Gajasur will take us all captive, what will you go and do in front of him, will you dance? Nandi says prabhu hari please help us, please do something so that lord Shankar is freed. Lord Vishnu smiles and says now dancing will free lord Shankar.
Gajasur tells all gods to shut up and not argue with him more as he will now celebrate being the king with all his soldiers. Lord Vishnu says to nandi that when gajasur will be celebrating they all will go there and his end will be there in his celebration.
In the palace, as neela devi does make up, the mirrors crack as shani dev comes, the women run away. Neela devi gets up and looks at shani dev. Neela devi says shani dev why do you look at the women or anything? Your eyes give bad luck to everyone, I can handle your eye sight but no one other than me in this world can because your eye sight bursts mountains rocks and everything, how will others handle it? shani dev says okay I wont see. Shani dev says devi where are you going? Neela says I am going to see that divya son of devi parvati, she has invited all goddesses and I am very eager and excited to see her son as they see he is very tejaswi and a beauty like his mother, shani dev says what? Then why wasn’t I invited, even I want to see that kid. Neela says no lord please, don’t even think of looking at that kid, if your bad eye sight sees him then he may get bad luck and who knows what wrong will happen with him. neela says please don’t go and look at him lord, you know you were cursed by me for not looking at me for a long time and just praying to prabhu Krishna, that is why I cursed you that if you saw anyone else other than me then their life would have bad luck, so don’t go my lord. Shani dev says okay devi I will not look at him. neela says now I will go.
There parvati combs the hair of her son and son says mother what happened? Is someone coming to see me today? Parvati says yes son, I have called all my friends to see you and meet you. son smiles.
All the goddesses come and parvati welcomes them in the palace. As they all talk to parvati, they say parvati where are you hiding your son? Where is he, we want to see him. parvati says I am not hiding him. son now comes walking smiling. Everyone look at him and at the first sight everyone’s heart melts looking at parvati’s son. Son comes and stands beside parvati. Everyone look at the son and gyan devi says parvati he looks just like you, his smile is like you. others says yes he looks like parvati and is tejaswi like her too. Everyone praise parvati and say you both are a perfect mother and son.
There shani devi is in his palace and narad muni appears behind him. narad thinks I am sorry to do this but I am forced, I have to intimidate shani dev to go and see parvati devi’s son so that all the events happen as written in the future. Narad says Narayan! Shani dev says pranam dev rishi, narad says shani dev why didn’t you go to Kailash? Shani dev says for what? Narad says to look at the divya son of devi parvati, we saw him and I swear he is the purest and the most beautiful kid I must have seen in this world. Shani dev is excited but says I cannot see that kid, if my bad sight affects his life, I will be the one to blame and I don’t want to spoil his life. Narad says see shani dev, the kid is like no other child and he looks as tejaswi as lord Vishnu. Shani dev is eager to see the child. Narad says shani dev go and just look at him and then turn your eyes away soon, in that way nothing will happen to him and you will also get to see that child. Shani dev says yes that is right, I will do that. shani dev sits on his crow and says take me as fast as you can to Kailash dham. The crow flies and narad goes.
There neela devi tells everyone to stop praising them so much otherwise someone’s bad sight will affect their relation. Everyone stop. Then laxmi says son come and hug me, my blessings will give you gold in your life. Laxmi blesses and from her left hand gold falls at the son’s feet. Son says mata, when I have my mother and she is the greatest jewel I have then why do I need gold? Everyone smile. Laxmi thinks parvati is lucky, her son is not just beautiful from outside but has a beautiful mind too! Gyan devi says son come to me, I will give you all the knowledge of this world. Son says mata, I am fine with my mother, she will give me all the knowledge then I don’t need any other knowledge. Devi thinks this child is unique, his trust in his mother is the greatest luck parvati has. Another devi says child come here I will make you the most beautiful kid in the world. Son then looks in parvati’s eyes and then says in the eyes of my mother, I am the most beautiful kid then I don’t need any more beauty. Everyone is proud on the son. Another devi says I will tell my swami Chandra to take you on him and you will be able to see the entire world. Son says my mother is my entire world, I don’t need to see anything else. Son hugs parvati as she smiles and hugs him. everyone say parvati this son is the greatest gift you have. Neela devi says son I will keep you away from all bad sights of this world. Son says my mother will always protect me from any bad sight on me.

Precap: shani dev comes to Kailash and at night goes in the palace. He sees reflection of son and is about to see him. parvati see shani dev. Vishnu and everyone are disguised in the celebration of gajasur.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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