Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th July 2021 Written Episode Update – Tulsidas completes his writing of Shri Ram Katha.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulsidas begins writing Ayodhya Kand book singing prayers of Shri Ram.

Ganeshji says Tulsidas kept writing the whole Ram Katha while Shri Hanuman guarded with giving shelter to him for avoiding disturbance in his work.

Tulsidas kept writing all the Kand books eg. Aranya Kand book in which Shri Ram left Ayodhya with Mata Sita & brother Laxman in jungles then Sunder Kand book in which Shri Ram met his ultimate devotee Shri Hanuman later on Lanka Kand Book in which how Lankeshwar Ravan was killed by Shri Ram & then Uttar Kand book in which Shri Ram’s returning to Ayodhya with pride & he was given shelter by Shri Hanuman for not allowing him to disturb by sunlight, rains, stormy weather or any other kind of trouble he could had faced.

Ganeshji says this way Tulsidas completed all his Kand books of Shri Ram with help of Shri Hanuman but finally time came of him to write final poetry.

Tulsidas completes his writing all the books of Shri Ram Katha while monkey comes down & he realizes praising Shri Hanuman for always guarding him to avoid any kind of disturbance which made him write this Katha in very simple language but also expresses that he isn’t still contended & feels to write more while Shri Hanuman advises him to sing poetry of prayers addressing Shri Ram & he accordingly sings which attracts all the students sitting in Gyani’s class hence all of them join him in singing & praising prayers for Shri Ram.

Gyani talks with Tulsidas in taunting manner while Tulsidas tells him he has written Shri Ram’s Katha completing all the books but Gyani insists him to narrate some parts of it but he doesn’t while he lifts all the books keeping it in his bag & Gyani is blaming him for fooling people & forces him again if he narrates something out of it then he’ll leave this Kashi but then too Tulsidas doesn’t get instigated by him while Shri Hanuman is confused & his friend Shrikant tries to explain him to not to avoid but to only narrate few words so that you’ll be proved right but finally Tulsidas says that it’s not I do not wish to narrate but I wish to firstly narrate in front of those who were the guiding force to make this happen from me who are none other than Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati & Shri Hanuman feels glad about his decision. Tulsidas intimates Prabhu & Mata that he is going near Kashi river temple where he’ll narrate this Katha & also signals Shri Hanuman to join them & Prabhu accepts his invitation.

Gyani accuses him while people feel cheap about Gyani’s behaviour.

Precap: Gyani introduces some Brahman’s to Tulsidas saying these are who claim Ramayan is written by them perfectly & asks him if Prabhu Mahadev & Mata Paravati do not arrive to hear from him then what & Tulsidas says if they do not come then he won’t advertise about his writing of Shri Ram Katha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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